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Our mix of local sports, local programming and our 80's & 90's music mix is perfect to listen to... all the time.  Our spectacular format appeals to our local crowd as well as our Internet audience.  On the air 24/7 gives us ample opportunity to feature local programming and lots of remarkable classic music.

 The success of our formula is not only because of the large quantity of 80's & 90's music in our database, but mainly because of the quality of the sound and the perfect mix of songs.

We hope you'll be tuning in with our 80's & 90's station on a daily basis.

Please send us your feedback and let us know what your think about

Bobcat Radio®, 80's & 90's Hits is an "internet" and FM  radio station, broadcasting live 24/7 the perfect 80's & 90's retro hit-mix and beyond! With a mix of eighties Pop, Rock, Disco, Alternative and Retro, The Cat Radio® appeals to all retro freaks out there. The success of our formula is not only because of the large quantity of 80's & 90's music in our database, but mainly because of the quality of the sound and the perfect mix of songs.

We hope you'll be tuning in with our station on a daily basis.

Please send us your feedback and let us know what your think about...

Bobcat Radio is the information source for Western Harrison County, Texas and the home of Hallsville I.S.D. and

the 80's & 90's music source for the world on the Internet.

Outstanding programming including:

  • Community Events
  • Sports
  • School Events
  • Music... and more!


The Bobcat Radio Public File...

The Bobcat Radio Public file, as required by the Federal Communications Commission, is the place that Bobcat Radio files and "puts on display" all public comments, suggestions, and complaints about Bobcat Radio.  Anyone may enter information about community interests in the public file by emailing the station general manager: Mike Stanfield


Email Public File Comments to: Mike Stanfield, Bobcat Radio General Manager @                          Or you can call Mike direct on his cell phone (903)237-9081   

The Broadcast Offices and transmitter for Bobcat Radio are located behind the HISD Jr. High on #1 Bobcat Lane in Hallsville, Texas - 75650    | Mike Stanfield will meet with interested parties upon appointment.

Bobcat Radio Public Notice

The FCC License for Bobcat Radio - KQAT - 104.9 is coming up for renewel in 2013. The Hallsville Independent School District is applying for this renewel.  For questions or comments please either call or email:

Mike Stanfield


The Bobcat Radio Mission:

KQAT is a community radio station, operating under the policies and procedures of The Federal Communications Commission and The Hallsville Independent School District. KQAT serves the interests of Hallsville students and the citizens of Western Harrison County and the surrounding areas, giving special attention to the interests of people historically ignored by the media. KQAT broadcasts educational, informational, cultural and entertainment programs exploring a wide range of local topics, and emphasizing information, news and local relevance. KQAT provides training in radio broadcasting to all members of the community.

It is the mission of KQAT to advance the educational goals of the Hallsville Independent School District through the operation of a full service, professional public radio service. The rich and varied programming of KQAT constitutes education in the broader sense, challenging listeners in Western Harrison County and beyond, to pursue a quest for lifelong learning. Within its format, KQAT will:

  • Provide a legally licensed FCC approved radio signial recievable within the approved area.
  • Stream the programming content, at the same time, via the Internet at
  • Broadcast only properly licensed content through international licensing agencies like ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC.
  • Broadcast a world of music, news, information and diverse programming in a non-commercial setting.
  • Serve the interests of listeners rather than those of the broadcasters.
  • Enrich the lives of listeners by providing material that will encourage new insights and expand awareness of the listener?

 KQAT serves an area catagorized as a Rural Area by the federal and state government.  Bobcat Radio also seeks to:

  • Enlighten listeners about diverse activities withing the area and become known as a resource for live programming and live performances.
  • Inform listeners of the significant issues facing our area, providing in-depth analysis and discussion that can contribute to the development of a population capable of dealing intelligently with those issues.
  • Reflect credit on The Hallsville Independent School District by presenting a professional, full regional and Internet accessible program service, and being in the region as a valuable resource and integral part of the quality of life we all might enjoy.
  • Inform residents and visitors to our East Texas region about all aspects of this awesome area including but not limites to:
    • Historial and Cultural aspects of our area,
    • Economic factors and opportunities of this area,
    • Tourisim, hunting and fishing as well a other outdoor activities like birding, hiking and camping, and
    • other significant aspects of our home.

Providing all of the information available to our listeners, Bobcat Radio is primarily for adults seeking the information sources that can provide all aspects of their information needs.

Bobcat Radio History

In or about the year 2000, The Hallsville Independent School District remodeled their Bobcat Stadium (Football Field).  Mike Stanfield, HISD Technology Director, went to local radio stations and attempted to generate interest in broadcasting Bobcat Football.  All of the local stations were already committed to the nearby communities they served and their local football teams. 

Mike Stanfield, realized that in the Western Harrison County area (where Hallsville is located) , no media outlets either were located or specifically represented and broadcasted to these residents.

Called the “Local Community Radio Act”,  which created a new set of regulations requireing the FCC to facilitate the addition of new LPFM (Low Power FM) stations. The text for the act was carefully worked out in compromise between the NAB and organizations favoring LPFM stations such as and potentially an LPFM station in Hallsville, Texas. 

Mike Stanfield completed the FCC application "filing" for the frequency 104.9 ~ later to be known as KQAT.  Over 300 other organizations filed for the same frequency in the East Texas area. What followed were years of work to continue to be the organization that the FCC would eventually grant the license to.

On September 30th, 2005 the FCC notified Mike Stanfield that The Hallsville Independent School District had been granted the Low Power FM Station License... one of only 3 granted to secondary/elementary school districts in the state of Texas.  That fact is still true today as there are only 3 fm stations fully owned and operated by secondary/elementary school districts in Texas.

KQAT is in it's second licensing period for another 10 years. 

KQAT has coverd local politics, benefit concerts, rallies and a variety of community events...   sometimes called "The Poster Child" of what the LPFM act was supposed to accomplish, Hallsville Schools and KQAT have done what few secondary/elementary schools have done. 

The youngest broadcasters have bee pre-kindergarten age and the oldest participant was 101 years young in 2012.

KQAT - Bobcat Radio is the first... and only radio station in rural Western Harrison County.