Financial Transparency




The HISD Business Office is committed to providing HISD stakeholders with current information regarding the financial condition of the District.  Documents are added and updated on this site as new information becomes available.

HISD received the Platinum Award in 2014, which provides taxpayers with more specific information than in previous years. In 2011, the District received its first recognition as a Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle Gold Member.  In 2012 and 2013, HISD received the award for the second and third consecutive year.   

To learn more about the Texas Transparency Initiative and to view HISD's scorecard, please click on the Leadership Circle logo above or visit the Texas Comptrollers website at

Important Links to Officials and Financial Documents

Local Governing Officials Contact Information - Hallsville ISD School Board Members

Current and Archived Financial Statements and Check Registers - Business and Finance

Current and Archived Budget Postings - Business and Finance Budget 

Current Tax Rate Information - Adopted Tax Rate

Business Office Contact Information - Business Office Contacts

TEA Financial Accountability System Resource Guide


Public Information Requests must be submitted in writing to the office of the Superintendent.  Please call 903-668-5990 for more information about submitting these requests.

Texas Public Information Act allows the public to request information from governmental entities.  Specific rules apply when public information is requested from a governmental entity.  Please see the link to the Texas Attorney General's Website for information on Open Records Requests.

Downloadable Files

Type Document Name Size Last Updated
type 2016-17 Searchable Check Register 47 KB 03/28/2017
type 2016-17 Ordinance to Set Tax Rate 78 KB 09/01/2016
type 2016-17 State Compensatory Education Approved Budget 357 KB 08/31/2016
type 2016-17 Approved Budget 364 KB 08/31/2016
type YTD Payroll Expenditures - 2015-2016 178 KB 05/23/2016
type Searchable Check Register - 2015-2016 808 KB 09/12/2016
type Budget Book - Adopted Budget 2015-2016 563 KB 08/26/2015
type Adopted State Compensatory Education Budget 2015-2016 347 KB 08/26/2015
type Proposed Budget 2015-2016 350 KB 08/03/2015
type Debt Transparency Pledge - 2015 34 KB 05/28/2015
type YTD Payroll Expenditures -2014-2015 176 KB 09/15/2015
type Searchable Check Register - 2014-2015 837 KB 09/02/2015
type Adopted Budget 2014-2015 355 KB 08/25/2014
type Proposed Budget 2014-15 420 KB 08/08/2014
type Continuing Disclosure Statement - FYE 8/31/2014 149 KB 05/28/2015
type Searchable Check Register-2013-2014 936 KB 08/06/2014
type Adopted Budget 2013-14 419 KB 08/27/2013
type Searchable Check Register-2012-2013 192 KB 01/24/2014
type Searchable Check Register-2011-2012 600 KB 02/27/2014
type IRMA Letter 88 KB 01/22/2015
type Descriptions of Debt Obligations 21 KB 05/28/2015
type Superintendent's Contract 355 KB 06/21/2016