Purchasing & Travel







In addition to advertised competitive bid requests, Hallsville ISD participates in several purchasing cooperatives and programs in order to satisfy legal procurement requirements:

Education Service Center Region VII Purchasing Cooperative (ESC REG 7)
(903) 988-6859

Region 7 Purchasing and Vendor Services

Choice Partners


BuyBoard (TASB)

TIPS/TAPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System - ESC REG 8)

PACE Purchasing Cooperative

TCPN (The Cooperative Purchasing Network)

TXSmartBuy- Search for a Vendor



If your business/organization is a ‘sole source’ vendor, meaning that the product or service provided by your business/organization cannot be purchased from any other source, please complete an HISD Notarized Sole Source Affidavit (see Downloadable Forms below) and submit to the HISD Purchasing Department at PO Box 810, Hallsville, TX 75650 or fax the completed form to (903) 668-5990.

In accordance with Texas Government Code, HISD has 45 days from the later of: the date goods are received, services are performed or an invoice is received to make payment. Acceptance of an HISD purchase order is considered a contract and is subject to this provision.  (Texas Gov. Code 2251.021)

Please submit all invoices to:

Hallsville ISD
PO Box 810
Hallsville TX, 75650


The Hallsville Independent School District is tax exempt on the basis that it is a governmental entity - school district. A tax exemption certificate can be provided upon request.


HISD Procurement cards are available for use with an approved Purchase Order.  Please refer to the Procurement Card Procedures manual below for more information.


Vendors are required by state law (Local Government Code Chapter 176)   to disclose annually whether certain relationships exist with district officers or employees by completing the form http://www.hisd.com/uploads/CIQ-New-2015.pdf. It is each vendor's responsibility to provide this information to the District. Forms which note a conflict will be listed on the HISD website.  For more information on this requirement, please visit the Texas Ethics Commission website.

Please contact Kathy Bradford - (903) 668-5990 ext. 5022, or kathy.bradford@hisd.com or 

Kathy Smith - Ext. 5060 or ksmith@hisd.com



Basic Travel Information:

  • MEALS reimbursed at 45/day (5/15/25).  Itemized receipts ARE required. Overnight travel only. Students can be advanced $6/meal.
  • MILEAGE is reimbursed based on the current state rate, and requires a point-to-point itemization from an on-line mapping service.  Taking a school vehicle or renting a car from Enterprise is preferred over mileage reimbursement.
  • LODGING-the current state rate is $85/night. Depending on the location of your travel, the rate could be higher. Please ask for the state rate when booking. District travel cards will be issued upon departure. Parking will no longer be advanced. It can be charged on the district travel card, or reimbursed upon return.
  • District Procurement Cards are available to check-out for making reservations and on-line registration fees once your requisition is approved.

Useful websites / links:

Mileage                                                                                                  TX State Lodging Rate:
www.mapquest.com                                                                                 www.gsa.gov/perdiem
State of Texas Current Mileage Rates

Business Office Contacts:     Cherise Steelman (903) 668-5990 x 5024 csteelman@hisd.com
                                                       Kathy Smith            (903) 668-5990 x 5060 ksmith@hisd.com

Traveler’s Responsibility:

  • Complete the Request to Attend Form in detail.
  • Have your Campus Principal or Immediate supervisor sign the RTA form.
  • Save ALL itemized meal receipts for reimbursement.
  • Complete the HISD Reimbursement Form in detail.
  • Forward your purchase order along with the Request to Attend form, Itemized Receipts, HISD Reimbursement form and ALL supporting travel related documentation (conference information, hotel confirmations, etc.) to the Business Office.

Approval/Requisition Process: (Campus/Dept. Office)

  • Each requisition will need to be seperate unless the vendor is the same: one in the traveler’s name and include a detail line for each of the following: meals, mileage (if applicable), one for registration, one for the hotel and one for Enterprise Rental Car (if applicable).
  • Create a line for each item requested on the travel form. If a check will be issued to someone other than the traveler, please include those instructions in your line item detail.
  • Scan and attach all travel related paperwork to the requisition in Skyward.
  • Once submitted, the requisition will automatically be routed to the next level approver.
  • Once approved, please print PO, travel form and documentation and send it to the Business Office for payment processing. You need to allow 2 weeks for check processing. Checks are printed on Wednesday and distributed in the campus mail on Thursday.  If a travel card is requested, you will need to contact Ext 5024 or 5060.

After you Travel: (Traveler)

  • Return the travel card to the Business Office, along with the hotel receipt.
  • Turn in a completed Request to Attend form, All Itemized receipts for meal reimbursement, completed HISD Reimbursement form and a copy of the PO to the Business Office.
  • Reimbursement will be issued within two weeks of all appropriate documentation being turned in correctly.






Downloadable Files

Type Document Name Size Last Updated
type Best Value Form for Purchasing 31 KB 09/20/2017
type Local Government Officer Conflicts Disclosure Statement 23 KB 09/15/2015
type Conflict of Interest Questionnaire for Vendors 15 KB 09/15/2015
type IRS Forms W-9 93 KB 10/11/2016
type Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Exemption Form 71 KB 10/11/2016
type Request to Attend Travel Form 320 KB 03/30/2017
type Sales and Use Tax Exemption Form 45 KB 09/20/2017
type HISD Reimbursement Form 191 KB 02/22/2016
type Sole Source Affidavit 37 KB 05/14/2013
type Credit Card Acceptable Use Agreement Form 112 KB 08/22/2013
type Procurement Card/Travel Card Procedures 127 KB 08/19/2015