Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum Mission and Goals:

Hallsville Independent School District provides a comprehensive educational program with a wide range of academic and elective courses beginning at the pre-kindergarten/primary level and continuing through to high school. Hallsville ISD is committed to coordinating the written, taught and tested curriculum.  To accomplish the District goals and objectives, the curriculum and instruction programs are: 

  •     Aligned with the state mandated curriculum
  •     Aligned with state mandated assessments and programs
  •     Designed to develop district priorities - School Center Picture


Principles of Curriculum

Balanced Core:  Balanced core of learning, including foundation and enrichment programs as identified by the state, that challenges students with experience relevant to their lives.

Results Oriented: Focuses on results and accountability, with multiple types of assessment that measure success of both students and teachers.

Integrated: Makes connections among and between disciplines clear to students (applied in inderdisciplinary organizations when appropriate).

Active Learning: Actively involves students in relevant and engaging tasks which lead to creative products.

Diversity: Recognizes and respects student diversity.

Education for All: Provide access to substantive learning for every student.

Challenging Curriculum: Promotes thinking skills such as researching, analyzing, creating, communicating and evaluating information


Definition of Curriculum:  Curriculum in Hallsville ISD is defined as the knowledge, skills attitude and the processes to be taught and learned at the appropriate levels/area or in courses in our schools.  The word curriculum refers to what is taught, written and tested.

Written Curriculum: Written curriculum includes curriculum guides, lesson plans and grade records.  Also, teachers have access to hard copies of course/grade level objectives and other curriculum resource materials.

Taught Curriculum: Teachers follow the courses of study and instructional materials provided by the District, the essential knowledge and skills for each subject mandated by the state, and the scope and sequence developed by curriculum writers and reviewed by other teachers.

Tested Curriculum:   Teacher-made tests, district assessments and state assessments are congruent with what is written and taught.  Teachers and administrators use test results to assess the status of individual student achievement, to identify general achievement trends of various groups of students, and to modify curriculum and/or instruction as warranted by assessment results.