Food Services

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Health and Wellness

Nutritious meals are the foundation of any healthy eating plan and the school breakfast and lunch meals remain the cornerstone of all school based child nutrition programs. It is the position of Chartwells School Dining Services  and HISD that we become active participants in fostering healthy school environments in the communities that we serve. Creating a healthy school environment involves the collaboration of many, including Administrators, Parents, and School Dining Managers. At Chartwells, we take this responsibility very seriously and aim to be an integral part of the wellness solution.

Nutrition Education

Since students spend a significant portion of their day in the school environment, schools are uniquely positioned to convey the fundamentals of good health to students. Teaching students about wellness during the school aged years, builds a foundation for a healthy and productive life.

At the elementary level, the Chartwells Eat.Learn.Live. characters, Theodore Eat, Sydney C. Learn, and Ava Live focus on the importance of balanced meals, physical activity and nutrition education.

Students from elementary to high school get a chance to have fun while learning about the good health with:

10-Minute Lesson Plans

Developed by Chartwells Registered Dietitians, the 10-Minute Nutrition Lesson Plans introduces different topics of interest that include breakfast, food and cultures and sustainability.  Lesson topics coincide with the Chartbusters promotional calendar and are scripted to be quick and easy to teach, fun, and age appropriate.  Each lesson includes a teacher-guide and are practical way to help teachers incorporate more nutrition education into the classroom and promote the Chartwells philosophy of EAT.LEARN.LIVE.

Chartwells Nutrition Videos

The Chartwells Nutrition Videos offers students from elementary to high school a chance to have fun while learning about good health.  Winner of four 2008 Telly Awards, the cool animation and great scripts take nutrition education to a new level that is entertaining and engaging.