Questions & Answer

Q: Why does my child bring home an application for free and reduced lunches every year?

A: A new application must be completed and turned in at the beginning of every school year for each household. Once an application is received by the food service office, it will be processed in less than 10 days. Your child(ren)'s benefits will begin when the application has been processed and will continue until the first thirty days of the next school year. If you do not fill out a new application each school year, your child(ren) will be changed to the paid status and must pay full-price for all meals.

Q: When will my child(ren) be converted to paid status if I do not fill out a new application?

A: October 5, 2015

Q: What is the minimum and maximum number of items my child(ren) can select for breakfast and lunch?

A: Your child must take at least 3 items and at most 4 items at breakfast and at least 3 at most 5 at lunch.

Q: What happens to money left in my child's account at the end of the school year?

A: The money rolls over to the next school year.