Benefits Program

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The District provides a comprehensive benefits program including medical insurance, dental, vision, life, accident coverage, critical illness, disability and flexible spending for eligible staff members.

Health Insurance

The district’s group health insurance is through TRSActiveCare Aetna. The prescription provider is Caremark. Information can be found on

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Coming soon: Information on Health Insurance Open Enrollment for the 2017-18 school year!


Supplemental Benefits

First Financial is the district’s Third Party Administrator who administers additional insurance programs to HISD employees. For additional information about these programs, please visit their web-site that highlights additional HISD employee benefits.

Additional Information and Forms

From time to time it may become necessary for an employee to change a beneficiary or when there has been a name change to update beneficiary information. Several different forms are provided to assist you. If you have questions regarding changing a beneficiary, you may contact HISD Human Resources.

Change of Beneficiary forms:

Retirement Planning

The 403(b) and 457 retirement plans offer employees the opportunity to voluntarily save additional tax deferred dollars toward retirement and after-taxed Roth 403(b) contributions. Please refer to the approved vendor list that is located on the First Financial Group of America's web-site (

Life Insurance

$10,000 life insurance policy on all eligible employees

Paid Leave Days

  • Leave days are accrued on September 1st
  • 5 state personal days-unlimited balance
  • Depending on contracted days, your local days are as follows: (maximum balance of 30 days)
  • 187 days- 2 local
  • 188-212 days - 2.5 local
  • 213-230 - 3 local
  • 231-245 days - 3.5 local

Optional Paid Leave Days/Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank is a pool of sick leave days voluntarily contributed to the bank by HISD employees to be used by the contributing members for additional sick leave days in the event a member has exhausted all personal time off, and experiences a catastrophic illness as defined by the plan. As a SLB member, an employee may receive a benefit up to 60 paid days during the plan year.

  • SLB request for employee
  • SLB request for family member
  • SLB request for funeral arrangement
  • SLB Physician’s statement
  • SLB By-Laws

Unpaid Leave / FMLA

Up to 12 weeks FMLA for eligible employees

  • FMLA Notice
  • FMLA packet for Employee w/ a Serious Health Condition
  • FMLA packet for Employee w/ a Family Member’s Serious Health Condition

Teacher's Retirement System

The Teacher's Retirement System  is among the largest in the United States and  was specifically created
to serve your retirement needs. Today, more than one million public education employees and annuitants
participate in TRS.
TRS has two core responsibilities — to deliver retirement and related benefits that have
been authorized by the Texas Legislature, and to manage the trust fund that finances member benefits.

At the present time, HISD deducts the required 7.7% of your monthly pay to TRS.

Benefits Enrollment Information