HISD Police


The following section establishes the mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, oath, and ethics of the Hallsville ISD Police Department. Each of these components is reviewed on an annual basis in order to ensure it adequately addresses the emerging needs of the department, the school district and the residents of the Hallsville ISD community.


The Hallsville ISD Police Department will always strive to provide the highest quality service in preserving human rights, lives and property, while attempting to achieve the mission goals of the department, school district and the Hallsville ISD district community. In the Hallsville ISD Police Department, we are committed to the highest professional standards, working in partnership with our students, faculty, administration and citizens to problem solve and meet the challenges of reducing crime, creating a safer environment, and improving the Hallsville ISD district community members’ quality of life. 


We are committed to excellence in leadership, providing progressive and proactive services, developing district and community partnerships, and building for a better future.