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The following section establishes the mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, oath, and ethics of the Hallsville ISD Police Department. Each of these components is reviewed on an annual basis in order to ensure it adequately addresses the emerging needs of the department, the school district and the residents of the Hallsville ISD community.

Please view the HISD Police Bulletin Board for important information!!!

2016 Hallsville Chamber of Commerce Law Enforcement Banquet
Hallsville ISD Police with State Representative Chris Paddie


The mission of the Hallsville ISD Police Department is to ensure the safety of our district’s students, families and staff. In order to learn, students need a safe environment where they can concentrate on their studies. Teachers and staff need a secure environment in order to teach. Providing that type of environment is just one of our many responsibilities.

The Hallsville Independent School District Police Department works in partnership with students, parents, and staff to meet their needs. We preserve the peace, enforce laws, identify and apprehend offenders, provide emergency services, offer crime prevention and public safety throughout our school community. Our most important goal is to promote, maintain and inspire an atmosphere of trust and confidence with students, families and staff in our community


We are committed to excellence in leadership, providing progressive and proactive services, developing district and community partnerships, and building for a better future.



We, the members of the Hallsville ISD Police Department, value the following in our members and our organization:

• Honesty
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Compassion
• Cultural Diversity



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