Meet the Chief

My name is Terry Turner and I cannot express how pleased I am to be a part of the Hallsville ISD Police Department.  I am excited undertake the responsibilities and challenges of being your Chief of Police.  I have a long and varied career in policing and have found that my work with and among students and young people to be the most fulfilling aspect of all of it.

Policing has been my life’s calling as well as my chosen profession.  It ranks behind only two priorities; faith and family.  I am active in my church and find that the life-long foundations I have learned there are fundamental to my success as a law enforcement officer and administrator.   I am proud of my family as well.  I have been married for over 37 years and my wife, Phyllis, and I have two successful, grown children.  One is a Theatre Arts Teacher and the other is an officer in the United States Marine Corps.  Both have been very successful in their careers and have brought great pride to Phyllis and me as they have grown and advanced in their work.  My children inspired me to go back to school where I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration (LeTourneau University) and my Master of Criminal Justice (U. of Cincinnati) degrees.

In coming to HISD, it took very little time to recognize the excellent caliber of people with whom I am working.  The administration, faculty and staff are engaging and friendly.  They have a clear vision of what quality education for our community is about.  The officers and staff of HISD Police Department have been impressive as well.  They are highly experienced, well-educated in their craft and deeply connected with their students and the people they work with.  They truly have a great time doing what they do for and with our community.  I count it as one of the greatest opportunities of my career to be working with these fine officers. 

Career Highlights:  I began my law enforcement career by joining the US Air Force in 1975.  During my time in military service my work ranged from securing nuclear and conventional weapons system to training, to administrative work as an Assistant Flight Chief.  I also trained in Special Weapons and Tactics and combat reconnaissance.  I served at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson and Osan Air Base in South Korea as well as several other temporary duty stations. 

After separating from the Air Force I was recruited to the Longview Police Department where I found that I truly enjoyed teaching young officers as a Field Training Officer.  I also taught more senior officers in Defensive Tactics, the use of intermediate-force weapons as well as firearms.  I hold a variety of certificates including: Field Training Officer, Police Ethics, TCOLE Instructor License, Firearms Instructor License, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Orcutt Police Nunchaku Instructor, OC Pepper Spray Instructor, TCOLE Chief of Police certification (LEMIT), 

In 2000, I left Longview PD to become the Assistant Director of Campus Security at LeTourneau University.  I was involved in the creation of their CCTV campus surveillance system and worked to professionalize their security services capabilities by initiating their first official departmental policy manual and training program.  In2005 I was named Director of Campus Security and graduated with my BBA.  It was a busy year!  By 2007 I had been asked to create the LeTourneau University Police Department.  In January of 2009, then President Alvin O. Bud Austin administered to me the oath of office and I became the University’s first Chief of Police.  I served LeTourneau University until May of 2015.  Along the way, I earned my Master of Criminal Justice Administration degree from the University of Cincinnati. 

In early May, 2015, Superintendent Jim Dunlap recommended to the HISD Board of Trustees that I be appointed as the Chief of Police for HISD PD.  On May 11, Judge Smith, PCT 3 Justice of the Peace, swore me into that post.  I am proud to say that my wife held the Bible on which I took that oath as my daughter looked on alongside many other friends and co-workers.  I am eager to see what challenges, accomplishments and relationships await us as we move forward from here.