Public Relations

Hallsville Independent School District

Communications/Public Relations

Carol Greer-Director
(903) 668-5990 ext.5012

HISD Communications Department exists to support the efforts of campuses and the district in building relationships and communicating timely information to staff, students, parents, and the community. We utilize the district website, e-newsletters, Bobcat Radio, publications, an automated phone calling system, media relations, and community partnerships to inform and engage the public.

In addition to providing relevant information to stakeholders, the Department coordinates events that honor both students and staff, including the annual Back-to-School Convocation Year Dinner, Distinguished Student Dinner, and the Retirement and Years of Service Celebration.

The Communications Department is committed to utilizing as many available resources as possible to provide valuable information to our constituents, but we also place significant importance on supporting campus and administrative efforts to communicate. In a district of over 4286 and 800 employees, it would be impossible for one department to communicate all of the information our students and parents need to be successful. Therefore, we see communications as a joint effort, and we work hard to empower our staff to meet the information needs of both students and parents.

At the end of the day, however, we feel that the number one ingredient to successful communication is an honest and trusting relationship. If you can’t find information, email us or call us and we’ll point you in the right direction. If you hear a rumor and want to find out if there is any truth to it, call us directly, and we’ll answer even the toughest questions you throw at us. The reality is that all administrative departments exist for the sole reason of supporting students, teachers, campuses, and our parents. Even if indirectly, we know that we can have a positive impact on the success of our students and schools. Yes, we are serious about communications and public relations, but we are most interested in how we can play a role in helping students to achieve his/her full potential.

Awards & Recognition

The Bobcat Broadcaster, published by HISD is an award winner of the Gold Star Award in Texas School Publications. It is published in an effort to keep its patrons and employees informed.