Title l Information

Jason Black, Director                                           Heather Bowman, Secretary

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Title l, Part A

Title 1 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (formerly known as ECIA ESEA or Chapter 1) is the largest federally funded educational program. This program, authorized by Congress, provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals.

Title 1 Programs (Part A of PL 107-334 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001), provide funds to districts in order to assist schools with the highest levels of economically disadvantaged youngsters to:

  1. improve in student achievement for all participating children,
  2. improve staff development and
  3. improve parental and community involvement.

In accordance with federal law, funds are allocated directly to schools to work toward these three goals. Funds are allocated on a per qualifying child (child with free or reduced price meal status) basis. Federal law requires that a district not use Title I funds to offset expenses to a Title I school that would normally be paid by other sources if Title I funds were not available.