Behavior Discipline Plan

North Elementary 2016-2017

The Student Code of Conduct will be used by Hallsville North Elementary School for any major
or minor infractions during the school year. The purpose of this plan is to create the ideal
learning environment for all students. This plan will assist us in teaching students appropriate
behaviors to support student learning during the school day. The goal of this plan is to involve
parents, teachers, administrators, and support personnel to assist students in learning and
exhibiting appropriate behaviors so that they can achieve high levels of learning.
Minor infractions are offenses that result in a COLOR move. These actions minimize student
learning and are discussed in the student expectation and individual classroom rules.
Major infractions are offenses that result in an immediate office referral. Such offenses include
injury to self or another student, sexual harassment, and other offenses listed in the Student Code
of Conduct.

Behavior Management Plan-- CATS SYSTEM

Creating Attitude Toward Success

Teachers will use a color-coded system to visually demonstrate student behavior on a daily basis.
This will allow the students to see and respond to his/her conduct status, and are coded as

1. GREEN…Excellent Citizenship! Every student begins EACH day on Green!

2. YELLOW…Warning (-1 point in conduct) Five minutes on the fence or walking during

3. ORANGE… Lunch Detention (an additional - 1 point in conduct; total of 2 points)
When a student moves to orange the teacher will contact the parent/guardian to discuss
the student’s conduct for the day. Communication can take place through a telephone call
or a note sent home with the student. Teachers should document the communication.

4. RED…Lunch Detention and loss of recess OR After-School Detention (an additional -
1 point in conduct; total of 3 points). Parents should always be contacted (by telephone
preferably) should a student receive a RED. When an After-School Detention is
assigned, parents must be contacted so that they will have time to arrange transportation.
*In case of severe disciplinary infractions the teacher/staff may skip the color(s) and move a child to red and
send to the office. A thorough investigation will be conducted by referring teacher(s) and administrator(s).

Student consequences will be determined by the administrator receiving the referral.

* After-School Detention may be assigned for any color infraction at the teacher’s discretion.