Behavior Discipline Plan

North Elementary 2014-2015


The Student Code of Conduct will be used by Hallsville North Elementary School for any major or minor infractions during the school year.  The purpose of this plan is to create the ideal learning environment for all students.  This plan will assist us in teaching students appropriate behaviors to support student learning during the school day.  The goal of this plan is to involve parents, teachers, administrators, and support personnel to assist students in learning and exhibiting appropriate behaviors so that they can achieve high levels of learning.

Minor infractions are offenses that result in a COLOR move.  These actions minimize student learning and are discussed in the student expectation and individual classroom rules.

Major infractions are offenses that result in an immediate office referral.  Such offenses include injury to self or another student, sexual harassment, and other offenses listed in the Student Code of Conduct.

Behavior Management Plan-- CATS SYSTEM

Creating Attitude Toward Success

Teachers will use a color-coded system to visually demonstrate student behavior on a daily basis.  This will allow the students to see and respond to his/her conduct status, and are coded as follows: 

1.      GREENExcellent Citizenship!  Every student begins EACH day on Green!

2.      YELLOWWarning (-1 point in conduct)

3.      ORANGELunch Detention (an additional - 1 point in conduct; total of 2 points) When a student moves to orange the teacher will contact the parent/guardian to discuss the student’s conduct for the day.  Communication can take place through a telephone call or a note sent home with the student.  Teachers should document the communication.

4.      REDLunch Detention and loss of recess OR After-School Detention (an additional -1 point in conduct; total of 3 points).  Parents should always be contacted (by telephone preferably) should a student receive a RED.  When an After-School Detention is assigned, parents must be contacted so that they will have time to arrange transportation.

*In case of severe disciplinary infractions the teacher/staff may skip the color(s) and move a child to red and send to the office.  A thorough investigation will be conducted by referring teacher(s) and administrator(s).  Student consequences will be determined by the administrator receiving the referral.

Recognition of Good Citizenship

We will recognize students who actively demonstrate good citizenship.  In order to reinforce these choices to our students, and for the continuation of good citizenship, we will recognize them with a variety of incentives including:

Based on the students’ exceptional CHAMP behavior, (s)he can be identified as the BOBCAT CHAMP of the Week

Nine Week Rewards Celebration- Special incentives are designed for students who do not exceed the COLOR system limits identified in this plan.  Students with a 90 and higher in conduct and no office referrals will be allowed to attend the 9 week awards.

1st Nine Weeks- Inflatables- October 23rd

2nd Nine Weeks- Movies in Marshall-December 18th

3rd Nine Weeks- Picnic in the Park -March 20th

4th Nine Weeks- Water Slide-May 22nd

Teacher incentive programs- Each teacher may establish a positive behavior incentive program.  This program may include:  office runners, classroom privileges, leadership responsibilities, or other positive incentives chosen by the teacher. 


Lunch Detention

Lunch detention will be assigned according to the CATS behavior management plan (color system), as noted above.  During lunch detention students will eat in the cafeteria at their regularly scheduled lunch time and will eat at the table specifically designated for this purpose.

Classroom teacher will present a post-it note listing students with lunch detention and/or recess detention to the teacher on duty.



1.      Students will eat their lunch quietly at the designated table.

2.      Students will eat their lunch, either through the cafeteria or packed lunch from home, without the opportunity to purchase additional snacks from the cafeteria.

3.      Students will be unable to have visitors/guests while they are serving their lunch detention.


After-School Detentions
(to begin in October 2014)

After school detention will be available three to four days a week from 3:30-4:30 and may be assigned by teachers or administrators.  Teacher assignments do not need to be cleared by the office and may be used in conjunction with the CATS color-system, which is described above.

Parents must be notified (by phone) by the assigning teacher / administrator, especially if the student is to stay after school that same day.  If the detention is to be served after school the following day and the parent cannot be reached by phone, then the teacher should also send the Notice of Detention form home with the student.  It must come back signed by the parent the next school day.  Failure to return the signed form (or any other type of communication acknowledging that the parent has been notified of detention) can result in an additional day of detention. 

Transportation will not be provided for after school detention; therefore, parents must make arrangements to have their student picked up NO LATER than 4:30.  Siblings of students assigned After-School Detention must be picked up after school according to scheduled routine.


  • Students must arrive outside room #198 by 3:25.  Younger students need to be escorted by their teachers.
  • Students must go to the restroom and get drinks before entering the room.  They will not be allowed out of seats until 4:25 unless there is an emergency.
  • Students will need a Detention Referral slip (from the assigning teacher) and assignments to keep them busy until 4:25.  Students will complete “Stop and Think” assignment prior to completing work assigned by classroom teacher.  The detention monitor is not responsible for supplying work to the students.
  • Students will be unable to take Accelerated Reader (AR) tests, watch videos or TV, eat snacks, walk around the room unnecessarily, or place their heads on the desks.
  • Students will sit in chairs and work in silence and not engage teachers or other students in conversation.
  • If student behavior is an ongoing issue in the detention room, then the student can be assigned an additional day of detention, one day of ISS, or any other consequence that is deemed appropriate by an administrator.
  • After students are picked up, place the Detention Referral slips in the assigning teachers’/administrators’ mailboxes before leaving campus.

Our goal for after-school detention will serve as an incentive to motivate and encourage students to monitor their own behaviors.  Thank you, in advance, for your help in making this a success!


ISS (In School Suspension)

Expectations for Students

ISS is an alternative placement for students and can only be assigned by an administrator.  It is a structured environment with high expectations for student academic and behavior choices. 

Students who are assigned to ISS must adhere to the following rules:

1.    Students will complete a self-reflection and restitution statements before  working on their assigned class work.  All assignments will be completed with passing effort. 

2.    Students will talk only with permission from the instructor.

3.    Students will work quietly the ISS classroom in a manner where other students are not disturbed.

4.    Students will write on the appropriate assignments only, rather than on the desks, walls, etc.

5.    Students will sit correctly in chairs and face forward at all times.

6.     Students will follow CHAMPS expectations.

7.     Student will eat lunch in the ISS room.  Visitors may not bring lunch or eat lunch with any student in ISS.

8.     Students will have one supervised restroom break in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Emergencies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

9.     Students in ISS will not attend PE, Art, Music, Computer Lab, Science Lab, lunch, recess, or any other special activities with their class. They will remain in the ISS room for the day.



Students who do not follow the rules or complete assignments will have additional consequences as assigned by campus administration.

Once a student returns to the classroom, (s)he may have to attend tutorials to obtain any missing classroom instruction.

ISS (In School Suspension)

Expectations for ISS Teacher

ISS is an alternative placement for students and can only be assigned by an administrator.  It is a structured environment with high expectations for student academic and behavior choices.  As the ISS teacher, it is your responsibility that students adhere to the guidelines for ISS.

Teachers on duty in ISS should adhere to the following rules:

1.      Ensure that students complete their assigned work.  Ensure that all assingments are completed with passing effort.  If an assignment is not completed correctly, have the student complete the assignment again.  If more assignments are needed, contact the classroom teacher or office.

2.      Students are not allowed to put their heads down or sleep.  This is a time to work.

3.      You may answer questions regarding the assignments only.  You are not to engage the student in conversation.

4.      Ensure that the students work in a manner that does not disturb the other students.

5.      Ensure that students write only on their assignments not the desks, walls, etc.

6.      Ensure that students follow the CHAMPS expectations at all times.

7.      Ensure that students sit correctly in chairs and face forward at all times.

8.      You will eat lunch with the ISS students in the ISS room.  You will walk the students to the cafeteria at 12:00 to get their lunch trays and then return to the ISS room to eat.

9.      You will take the students on one supervised restroom break in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Emergencies may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

10.  Students are to be supervised by you at all times.

If you feel a student has not met the expectations for ISS, please notify the office staff.  Students may be assigned more days of ISS for not following the rules.