Hallsville Primary School

Primary School Registration


We are asking all prospective Primary students to talk with our Head Start office to see if  you can qualify for Head Start. If you qualify, your child will be placed in a class before the end of May this year. 
If you don't qualify for Head Start, you will be told at that time if you will likely qualify for Pre K. If you only qualify for Pre K you will be asked to come back in August to register.
Our registration dates will be:                                                                                                                                                                                            Tuesday, Aug. 8th 9:00-5:00                      Wednesday, Aug. 9th 9:00-3:00         Thursday, Aug. 10th  11:00-7:00

Qualification for Pre K is based on the following:

*Child must be 4 on or before Sept. 1, 2017
*Income: must bring July 2017 pay stubs of eveyone in the household (must qualify for the free/reduced lunch program)
Food stamps will automatically qualify your child -  Must bring  your lettter from Texas Health & Human Service with your EDG # -  Eligibility Group Number
*If child has ever been in conservatorship of Dept. of Family & Protective Services (Bring proof)
*Parent is currently in active military service  (bring proof)
*Parent was wounded or killed in active military service (bring proof)
*If child is unable to speak the English language (we will test to see if they qualify)

What to bring for August registration:

Proof of income or Food Stamp Number            Birth certificate              Social security card        Current Shot records                  Proof of residence in the district (rental/lease agreement, purchase agreement or current Harrison County Tax statement)         Parent driver's license            Any legal documents (divorce, restraining orders, custody papers -CPS paperwork etc)

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