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Math & Science State Champs

Posted: March 18, 2014 Math & Science State Champs

Hallsville High School UIL Math & Science Team... Wins State Championship...

  Math and Science are powerful tools for understanding. Whether it's a complex math formula that helps us see things not apparent to the naked eye, or understanding a scientific principle that presents complex information in elegant simplicity, being profecient at those disciplines helps High Students in many ways, today and in the future.

When those concepts and formulas in contest are dominated by one... little East Texas (rural) school, then you are talking about this year's winners of the 2014 State Championship (did I say STATE-WIDE)  TMSCA Math and Science competition held in San Antonio last weekend. Let's say it again... Hallsville High School's Math and Science Team won the State Championship TMSCA Math and Science Meet this weekend in San Antonio.  This is the first time for the team to compete in the State Meet and they dominated. 

There's much more than meets the eye...

Without the dedication of the students and (of course) the teachers...  an upset like this would be hard to come by...  The HHS UIL Math & Science team, under the direction of Instructior Lee Branson, went up against some of the best Math & Science teams in the state...  and dominatetd the competition...  Mike Clay did as awesome job as the instructor of the math events. Thank you to everyone who helped... but most of all... thanks to our new state champs!

Hallsville High School came in first... who came in second?

Highland Park...

The Highland Park website states...

"Highland Park High School was named among the Top High Schools in the country in 2013 by Newsweek magazine. The publication listed HPHS in the 86th spot.

The Highland Park High School science team won the UIL 4A State Competition for the eighth consecutive year."

...and while we are sure that this is true...   still... the Hallsville High School Math & Science team beat the Highland Park Math & Science team at last week ends competition...    maybe we should have a parade.

Second place was Highland Park and 3rd place was Pine Tree.




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