State Required Postings

Texas Education Code §39.362 requires that not later than the 10th day after the first day of instruction of each school year, a school district that maintains an Internet website shall make the following information available to the public on the website:

  • the information contained in the most recent campus report card for each campus in the district under Section 39.305;
  • the information contained in the most recent performance report for the district under Section 39.306;
  • the most recent accreditation status and performance rating of the district under Sections 39.052 and 39.054;  and
  • a definition and explanation of each accreditation status under Section 39.051, based on commissioner rule adopted under that section.

Please refer to the documents posted below.

Downloadable Files

Type Document Name Size Last Updated
type QuickLook Accountability - 2016 211 KB 08/24/2016
type Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) 2014-2015 286 KB 08/24/2016
type Texas Consolidated School Rating Report - 2015 102 KB 08/24/2016
type School Report Cards 2014-2015 182 KB 08/24/2016