Rules & Procedures


    1. Obey the instructions of the bus driver. At no time will a student act toward, or address comments to a bus driver in a disrespectful manner, or refuse to cooperate with the driver.
    2. Board and leave the bus at your designated bus stop only.
    3. Students are not allowed to ride to or from school with friends. Only students who are ride that particular bus are eligible to ride. Everyone must ride their assigned bus to and from their assigned bus stop.
    4. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide transportation to school if a child misses the bus. Make prior arrangements for such an occurrence.
    5. Buses are equipped with audio/visual observation systems. The Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits a school district from allowing parents to view children...on videotape, and this law further incorporated into our state's Open Records/Public Information Act.



    1. Be at your bus stop at least 8 minutes before scheduled pick up time. Driver will not stop, honk, or wait. Riders must be clearly visible to the approaching bus driver.
    2. Stand on the sidewalk, or back from the roadway about 10’ while waiting for the bus but be sure you are visible to the driver before the bus reaches your stop. If you are in a darkened area you may wish to use reflector markings or a flashlight.
    3. When the bus approaches, form a line and be prepared to load immediately.
    4. Stand clear of the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals you to board.
    5. If you miss the bus, go home immediately. Parents should have a backup plan for you to get to school. The same applies when going home from school. Students will be returned to schools if they are undeliverable at their stops for any reason.
    6. Parents must instruct your children on what to do if they miss their bus.



    1. Do not push or shove.
    2. Use the handrail and steps properly.
    3. Go quickly to your assigned seat. The bus will not move until all are seated.
    4. Usually students from the first stop will be assigned in the back of the bus, until the last students picked up are seated in the front. However, at their discretion, drivers may assign other seats if this does not work.



    1. Immediately sit and remain properly seated in your assigned seat while the bus is moving. Do not stand, move or change seats while on route.
    2. A student shall not refuse to sit in an assigned seat or deny anyone a place to sit.
    3. Students are expected to remain seated for the duration of the trip, and remain seated until the bus door opens at their stop.
    4. Normal conversation is permitted; any loud noises may distract the driver and create an unsafe condition.
    5. Scuffling, fighting, horse playing, the use of objectionable, obscene, vulgar or profane language or gestures are forbidden.
    6. Do not throw or display objects inside or outside the bus.
    7. Do not mark, cut, or scratch any part of the bus. The person who is deemed responsible for the damage will pay vandalism costs and may lose their bus privileges for the year.
    8. Emergency doors, windows, exits, hatches or other bus controls should be used only during supervised drills, or actual emergencies.
    9. Students shall never attempt to operate the passenger door or other driver controls except in case of emergency.
    10. Students shall face forward for the duration of the trip, and shall keep their feet on the floor in front of them and out of the bus aisle.
    11. Students shall remain properly dressed according to HISD Dress Code standard while on the bus.



    1. Stay seated until the bus is completely stopped, stand and walk only on the bus floor. Gather all belongings before you reach the bus stop.
    2. Use the handrail(s) and take one step at a time, when boarding/leaving the bus.
    3. Wait your turn to get on or off the bus. Pushing and crowding will only slow others down and may cause an accident or injury.
    4. Keep loose clothing, drawstrings and other items away from handrail(s). Everything should be in your pockets or backpack, if possible.
    5. Stay clear of the bus. Do not chase, hit or hang onto the bus at any time.
    6. If any article drops or rolls near or under the bus, DO NOT go after it. Go to the bus door and ask the driver for help or wait for the bus to leave the stop area.



    1. We will not normally ask students to cross busy highways. However, in some cases students living on the left of the roadway shall exit the bus and move to a point 15 feet in front of the right bumper and wait for the driver to signal you that it is safe to cross.
    2. Check in both directions and walk directly across the road.
    3. NEVER cross the road BEHIND the bus.
    4. CAUTION: Be alert for the vehicles that do not stop when the bus is loading or unloading students.
    5. Cross all streets at intersections or marked crosswalks whenever possible. Obey all traffic signals and signs on your way home.