• Algebra 1

    Paula Britt, Roni Mills and Murry Morie


    Classroom Procedures

    1. Enter the classroom quietly and ready to work.
    2. The following should be done BEFORE the tardy bell:
    3. Sharpen pencils.
    4. Check the board or overhead for instructions.
    5. Have all needed supplies readily available, especially paper and pencils.
    6. When the teacher is talking, students should not be talking.
    7. If you have a question, raise your hand and you will be called on.
    8. Restroom breaks will be limited. No breaks will be permitted while the teacher is lecturing and cell phones remain in the classroom.
    9. Classroom set of calculators are available for use during class. Calculators must be cleared and turned in daily at the end of the class.  No one will be allowed to leave the room until all calculators are accounted for.
    10. No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom except water.
    11. Work the entire class period. I will dismiss you as close to the bell as possible.  
    12. Students will be asked to put their phones away during class time. This means students should not have access to their phones at any time during class.  If you need to contact your child, please wait for your child to respond after class  or contact the front office and they will send a message.



    Regular Algebra                          

     40% for Minor Grades                       

    60% for Major Grades


    Calculating Nine Week Grade for Regular Algebra

    Nine Week Grade = .4(Minor Average) + .6(Major Average)


    • We will have class assignments quizzes, unit tests, and several activities/projects.
    • Students will have the chance to retest as long as he/she attends 2 tutorial sessions where the student will complete a review with an Algebra teacher and correct their test.
    • Students absent on the day of a test will be given a similar test to the one given in class and allowed the same amount of time during morning and/or afternoon tutorials. This applies to quizzes as well. 






    • Mills/Morie tutorials: every morning from 7:30 to 7:45 EXCEPT TUESDAY
    • Britt tutorials: every morning from 7:30 to 7:45 EXCEPT MONDAY
    • During lunch (by appointment only).
    • After school from 3:40 to 4:00

    If more help is needed, let me know and we will work something out.  Students are encouraged to attend tutorials with any Algebra teacher.




    As my student, I ask four things of you.


    1. Be RESPECTFUL of others and their property.
    2. Come to class prepared.
    3. Pay attention.
    4. Always do your BEST!


    From the list above, you can see appropriate behavior is expected and will be rewarded.  Inappropriate behavior, however, will not be tolerated because it greatly affects the learning environment.  School policy will be followed in all cases; thus, you need to be familiar with and follow the guidelines in the student handbook.  Warnings will be given, parents will be notified as needed, and if a situation cannot be resolved or continues to hinder others’ learning, the student will be sent to the office.  I will be consistent and fair, but please understand that I will deal with each student individually when it comes to discipline.


    With our combined efforts, I look forward to a successful year!!


    Algebra 1 Syllabus


    Relations and Functions 
    Linear Functions, Equations, and Inequalities 
    Polynomial Expressions 
    Quadratic Functions and Equations 
    Exponential Equations












    Algebra I

    Room #


    903-668-5990 ext.

    Conference Time

    Paula Britt




    M-F  8:00 - 9:20

    Roni Mills




    M-F  8:00 - 9:20

    Murry Morie




    M-F  8:00 - 9:20




    1 ½ inch Binder

    Notebook Paper


    Pencil Pouch

    Large Eraser or Eraser Caps

    3 Highlighters (blue, yellow and student choice)

    The following supplies will be needed this school year and would be appreciated but not required:

    Small package of CardStock (any color), PostIt Notes, Box of Tissues, Hand Sanitizer


    Recommended, but not required:

    Graphing calculator

    1. If you are planning on purchasing a graphing calculator, the TI84+ is recommended. Their memory can be expanded; thus, making them more useful in higher level math classes.
    2. The classroom set of calculators cannot be checked out for any reason. This does not mean that the student has an excuse not to do the assignment.  The room will be opened in the mornings and afternoons if that type of assistance is needed.



    These supplies are due no later than a week after school starts back. Please let me know if there is a problem with getting the supplies.  Students who have their supplies and the signature page signed will receive a 100 as a minor grade.  Also, projects throughout the year could require other supplies, but prior notice will be given.



    Hallsville High School Algebra 1 Team

    Mrs. Britt, Mrs. Mills and Mr. Morie