• Mrs. Fix’s Policies & Procedures

    Technology (see HISD Acceptable Use Policy):

    Users will not post personal contact information about themselves or other people. Users will promptly disclose to their teacher or other school employee any message they receive that is inappropriate or makes them feel uncomfortable.

    Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the District system or to any other computer system through the District System or go beyond their authorized access. This includes attempting to log in through another person’s account or access another person’s files. Users will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system performance or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. Users will not attempt to load or load software on district systems that has not been approved by the HISD Technology Department.

    Users will not plagiarize works that they find on the Internet. Users will respect the rights of copyright owners. Copyright infringement occurs when an individual inappropriately reproduces a work that is protected by a copyright.

    Users will not use the District system to access material that is profane or obscene, that advocates illegal acts, or that advocates violence or discrimination towards other people. If a user inadvertently accesses such information, they should immediately disclose the inadvertent access in a manner specified.

    Computer Lab Rules: 

    • All Web Sites visited as well as Disks and Flash Drives used must be Authorized by the teacher.
    • Do not change the programming of the computer, monitor, mouse, or keyboard.
    • No food is allowed in the classroom.
    • The only drinks permitted are bottles of water located at your feet.
    • Remain upright in your chair. Do NOT lean back!
    • Unless you are printing, you are not to get out of your seat without permission.
    • Never touch another student’s computer!
    • Print only when you have permission.
    • Do not bring harm to the computers, textbooks, student property, or teacher property.
    • Stay out of my Area unless you are invited.
    • Never use the power button to shut down a computer!
    • All electrical and printer problems are to be handled by the teacher. 

    Classroom Conduct:

    • Respect Authority and Everyone you come in contact with.
    • There will be no profanity or put downs.
    • Listen and follow directions.
    • Please do not type or talk while the teacher is instructing or when announcements are given.
    • Eyes are to be on me when I am speaking.
    • Always use your inside voice.
    • Stay on task and participate in class.
    • Keep your hands and other body parts to yourself.
    • There will be no sleeping or laying your head down.
    • Work only on this class’s assignment unless permission is granted otherwise.
    • Personal grooming (hair, makeup, etc.) should take place only at home or in the restroom.
    • Cheating and/or copying another’s work will result in a zero given and parent communication.

    All of the information contained in the Student Handbook will be followed and enforced including the Hallsville High School Grading, Dress Code, and Personal Electronics (cell phone, smartphones, MP3 players, smartwatches, headphones, iPods, iPads, gaming devices, and any similar technology) Policies

    Entering the Room:

    • Enter the room quietly and calmly before the bell.
    • Remove HOODS and HATS.
    • Place ALL electronic devices in the assigned hanging pocket.
    • Go to your assigned seat and begin computer login and daily Typing or Vocabulary warm-up.
    • If you are late for 1st, 2nd, 6th, or 7th block—you MUST have a pass from the attendance office or other school personnel to enter the room.
    • Tardies will be marked in the Grade Book. 

    Morning Pledge/Announcements:

    • Stand respectfully and no talking during the pledges.
    • No talking during the announcements. 

    Exiting the Room:

    • You may not leave the room during Warm-ups, Teacher Instruction, or Last 10 Minutes of class.
    • A hall pass is REQUIRED to leave the room.
    • Passes are on lanyards and hanging on magnetic clips attached to the black filing cabinet.
    • If you need a nurse’s pass, you must have the pink pass that I will personally hand to you.
    • Passes WILL NOT be issued to another teacher’s room or to the athletic trainer.
    • You cannot leave the room if your electronics are not in the hanging pocket. NO CELL PHONES will be taken to the restroom. 

    End of Class:

    • Logout of the computer ONLY when TOLD to do so.
    • Place Keyboard on the monitor base and Stack Mouse on numeric pad on the keyboard.
    • The TEACHER dismisses class—STAY in your SEAT UNTIL the BELL RINGS.
    • Push in your chair before you leave. 

    Late Work:

    • ZEROS will be used to hold the place of late or missing assignments at the point I enter grades.
    • This DOES NOT dismiss you from completing and submitting the assignment.
    • If the assignment is not submitted by the 3rd day, the student is assigned LUNCH BUNCH until work is completed.
    • Parents will be contacted if you have to attend Lunch Bunch due to a zero.
    • If still not submitted after 5 days in Lunch Bunch, the student will be assigned DETENTION. 

    Electronic Devices:

    • Cell phones, smartwatches, and other personal electronic devices are NOT to be used during class.
    • Headphones will be used in BIM only when the student is using LearnKey.
    • Place your phone, smartwatch, and all other electronics in the assigned hanging pocket when you enter the room.
    • If you do not put your electronics in the hanging pocket, then you will not be allowed to use them during the last five minutes of class.
    • Refusal to put your electronics in the hanging pocket counts as your 1st See Student Handbook for consequences of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offensives.
    • TAKE NOTE—Upon the 3rd offense, you will lose your cell phone privileges for the REST of the SEMESTER.


    • If you are absent it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact the teacher to get caught up on missed instruction and assignments. All assignments posted in Google Classroom are required to be completed. 

    Dress Code (Also See the Student Handbook):

    • Dress code will be checked during announcements. If you are in violation of the dress code, you will be sent to the office.
    • Except for Halloween and pep rallies, no costumes are to be worn in the building.
    • For safety purposes, no hoods are allowed for any reason.
    • All hats, including beanies, are to be off during instructional time.       

     The teacher is allowed to assign DETENTION for unacceptable behavior.

    The instructor holds the right to amend this document at any time.