• My goal is to motivate students not just to pass this class but also to develop effective reading, writing, and communication skills that will prepare students for college level and real world questioning, thinking, and problem-solving in order to be successful.

    Expectations:  Students will be exposed to new information ranging from literature, vocabulary, and grammar; therefore, I expect all students to show a willingness to learn, participate, and put forth all of the effort in which he or she is capable.  To adapt and hone the reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills required to function throughout the course, it is imperative that the student maintain self-discipline to use out of class time for study and preparation.  Maturity and responsibility is expected from every student to finish homework, participate in class discussions, and come to class prepared to learn.

    Respectful Behavior Expectations:  

    • Be courteous, respect students when they are speaking as well as the teacher while he or she is speaking, and treat everyone with the same respect and consideration you would want.
      • Do not be disruptive while others are sharing or contributing
      • Never laugh at or make fun of someone’s answer or contribution
    • Do not access cell phones, iPads, tablets, etc. for personal use or play while in class. Technology use will be at the teacher’s discretion.  If the instrument is being used at an inappropriate time, I will take it up and hold it until the end of the day on the first offense and turn it in to the office thereafter.  A refusal to cooperate will result in disciplinary action.
    • Do not excessively leave the classroom (i.e. restroom, water, etc.) You are responsible for the information missed.
      • Parents, if your child has a health condition in which he or she must be excused frequently, please let me know right away as I want to have a safe environment for your student.
    • Do not pack up during a lesson, while class is still in session, or in the midst of a discussion in anticipation for the bell.
    • Please remain seated and wait until the bell rings rather than crowd around the door.

    Rules and Guidelines:

    • Be on time. Tardies will not be permitted. (FYI: Standing in the doorway when the bell rings is a tardy!)
    • Be ready for class. Have all supplies and be ready and willing to work when the bell rings.
    • No gum, food, candy, or drinks will be permitted in the classroom.
    • This is not a beauty salon or barbershop. Please leave all make-up, brushes, perfumes, lotions, etc. at home or in the locker room
    • Please follow the rules and policies designated by the school handbook.


    I am very excited about the upcoming school year, I am delighted to have you in my class, and I am looking forward to a successful and productive year! I have high expectations for each and every one of you and will do everything I can to ensure that this year goes smoothly. I believe that after reading the course guidelines, expectations, and policies, you will also do everything you can to make this a positive learning environment that will help you achieve success through your own hard work, determination, and high expectations. I encourage you to participate, ask questions, and come to class with a willingness to learn, and I am looking forward to a prosperous journey! 

    Parents, I would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation, support, encouragement for this school year.  I have very high expectations for your child, and I believe with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn and participate, your child will experience an enjoyable and productive school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, my door is always open, and I encourage you to contact or come speak with me so that we can work together to ensure success of your child.