Classroom Expectations

  • For a complete list of expectations and rules click here.

    Tutorial Times:

    Monday-Friday     Mornings: 7:30    Afternoons: to 4:10

    Tutorial time is an excellent time to get one-on-one help and makeup any missed work or tests.   

    • My goal is to motivate students not just to pass this class, but also to develop effective reading, writing, and communication skills that will prepare students for college level and real world questioning, thinking, and problem-solving in order to be successful.
    • Students will be exposed to new information ranging from literature, vocabulary, and grammar; therefore, I EXPECT all students to show a willingness to learn, participate, and put forth all of the effort in which he or she is capable.  Maturity and responsibility is expected from every student to finish homework, participate in class discussions, and come to class prepared to learn.

    Assignments and Grading:  All assignments (both daily and major) are due on time, and students are well informed of these due dates in advance (consult the unit calendar).   Daily grades count 40% and test grades 70%.   

    • LATE WORK: Daily grades (class work, homework, or quizzes) AND major grades (projects, essays, or tests) submitted AFTER collection time or the assigned due date are considered late and will be accepted with a 10 point deduction per day.  It is the responsibility of the student to remember and submit late work.
    • TIME POLICY: All assignments may be submitted by the end of the due date at 4:00 with no point deduction.  
    • ABSENCE POLICIES: If you miss a test, quiz, or assignment, it is the responsibility of the student to either make it up or make arrangements with the teacher within the time frame of days missed.  Missed work can be completed during tutorial time before or after school.  Work not completed by the end of the grading period will result in a zero and can affect the final average for the grading period.
    • RETAKE POLICY: The student may retake major tests and correct, rewrite, or rework (at the discretion of the teacher) projects or essays for the maximum grade of 70.  Projects and essays must be reassessed during tutorial times with teacher support and supervision.  Any resubmitted project or essay completed outside of tutorial time will not be accepted.
    • ACADEMIC INTEGRITY / HONOR POLICY: Hallsville ISD takes this offense very seriously, thus cheating or plagiarizing of any kind will not be tolerated.  If the student is caught cheating and/or plagiarizing, he or she will automatically receive a “zero” for the assignment (with no retake privileges) which can affect six weeks, semester, and/or final averages, parents will be notified, and disciplinary action will result.