• Rules and Guidelines for Ms. Drewery´s class

    1. Be on time. I count tardies! (3 tardies = 1 unexcused absence)

    2. Be courteous and respectful of me and other students. Treat everyone with the same respect and consideration you would want.

    3. NO CELL PHONES unless otherwise stated.

    4. BE READY FOR CLASS! You need to have ALL supplies BEFORE THE BELL RINGS. If you do not have the necessary supplies for the day, please see me before the bell rings and I will be happy to assist you.

    5. Food is not allowed in my room at any time! Any kind of food attracts ants! Gum is permitted as long as it stays in your mouth! Drinks are also permitted as long as they have a lid.

    6. DO NOT cheat. I will find out, and your grade will suffer on that assignment.

    7. You have three bathroom passes for the nine weeks. Use them wisely. When they´re gone, they´re gone! You will not be permitted to leave without a bathroom pass.

    8. This is my classroom. When debating on whether to argue over rules or to be disrespectful, just remember...I am the boss!


    Cell Phone Policy

    Students will be required to place their phone in “Cell Phone Daycare” upon arrival into class. Students are not allowed to use cell/electronic devices in my classroom without direct permission. Cell phones found out of “daycare” will be taken to the office and the 15 dollar fine will need to be paid. This is a non-negotiable policy!