• English IV- with Mrs. Rhodes

    Get to class on time and prepared to work. We work EVERY DAY! EVERY THING we do counts!

    • Bring materials to class every day. If you do not have something, let me know BEFORE class starts.
    • Be respectful of me and other students. This means you listen when someone is talking, remain quiet during appropriate times so others can focus, refrain from using vulgar language (including innuendos), leave people's belongings alone, etc.. Basically, treat others how you want to be treated.
    • We do a great deal of group work. I LOVE group work. Do not take advantage of this by not doing your part or using that time to socialize. 
    • Do you own work. Copying/Cheating/Plagiarizing of any kind will be dealt with harshly.
    • The rules of this classroom will be enforced even when we are in a computer lab, in the library, or when you're in the hall during class time. During our block, you represent me. Please remember that and act accordingly.
    • There are times you will be able to use your phone with permission, but the majority of the time, they will be put away in a safe location. This is non-negotiable. You're here to learn, and I am  here to teach you!
    • Stay away from my desk area and supplies. I am happy to share anything with you, just ask first. I promise I will not get in your backpack or purse! :)
    • I am a very, very reasonable person. If you have a need or an extenuating circumstance that will affect your work or behavior during our class period, please tell me. It's very likely that I'll understand and give you plenty of grace. 
    • Encourage your classmates. Ask for help. Help others.
    • You are very close to stepping out into the adult world. Seniors...it's just a few months away! Please allow me to treat you as an almost-adult! You are the one who decides that.
    • Do something every day that will benefit your future!
    • Most importantly, do not interfere with someone else's learning!


    English III-with Ms. Stogner