Policies and Procedures


    If the absence is due to a school related activity, assignments must be picked up before the absence. Come get assignments before or after school or at the end of the class period. Due dates will not be extended. Remember you have been counted as present! If there is a quiz or a test the next class day, students will take it just as scheduled.

    For other absences, students are responsible for make-up work. Students will have two days per one day of absence to complete missed assignments/assessments. Students may email the teacher to receive assignments.


    Homework will be assigned every class period. Homework quizzes will be given to assess assignments. Tutorials will be available for any assistance that may be neededFailure to consistently complete homework will result in a parent contact.


    All tests will be completed in the class period in which it is given. Students will not be given the opportunity to come back to finish. Students must make arrangements with me prior to coming to take a test. Make-up test will not be administered in GCS. Students must come to either tutorials or during another class period to make up a test, and they are required to complete the test in one sitting.

     ***Cheating will not be tolerated. Cheating on a test will result in a disciplinary referral to the office.  Also parents and coaches (if applicable) will be notified. ***

    Retest Policy: Students will be given TWO retest passes per semester. These passes may be used for any test, failing or passing.  A student must retest within two weeks of receiving a test score.

     In order to retest a student must turn in completed homework and correct test during tutorials.


    Major grade (includes tests and projects) - 60%

    Minor grade - 40%

    Exemptions: 0-1 absences – 73 or higher

    Exemptions for exams:

    1 absence - 70 or higher

    2 absences – 80 or higher

    3 absences – 90 or higher

    4 or more absences – NOT exempt

    *3 tardies = 1 absence

    Calculating semester grade:

    Semester grade = .8(semester average) + .2(semester exam)

    Materials needed for this class:

    1 - 5 subject notebook

    1 - Folder with pockets


    All students will be given a digital textbook access code at the beginning of the school year. This code will allow students to view the textbook, watch tutorial videos, and work practice problems on their personal electronic devices. The textbook can also be downloaded onto your device in order to work off-line at home. Homework will be assigned from the textbook; therefore, if your student does not have an appropriate device a hard copy will need to be obtained.

    students can check on grades using Skyward. Please check with the office on how to obtain a log in and password for this site.

    Contact Information

    Sharon O'Quinn


    (903)668-5990 ext 4228


    Tutorials: Before school, Monday – Friday 7:30 – 7:45

    After school, Monday – Friday 3:36 – 3:45

    ***Extended times on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon 3:45 – 4:15***