Meet the Chief

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    My name is Terry Turner and I have the privilege of being the Police Chief for the Hallsville ISD Police Department. I have been in the police profession for over forty years. It has been my life’s calling and ranks highly among the most important and gratifying things I have ever done. As a matter of fact the only things that precede it are my faith and my family. I am active in my church and find that the life-long foundations I have learned there are fundamental to my success as a law enforcement officer and as a leader. I’ve been married to my wife, Phyllis, for forty years. She has endured with me from my earliest training days through this day. Together we have raised two children. Our daughter is a Theater Arts Teacher and the other is an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Both have been blessed with success in their careers and have brought great pride to Phyllis and me as they have grown and advanced in their work. It is my children who, during their high school years, inspired me to return to school where I earned my Bachelor of Business Administration degree (LeTourneau University) and my Master of Criminal Justice Administration degree (Univ. of Cincinnati)

    Here at HISD, I recognized early on that I work with a group of officers who are of the highest caliber and very uniquely suited to law enforcement in the educational setting. They have a clear vision of what quality education for our community is all about. The administration, faculty and staff have been equally impressive in their expertise and passion for education. All are highly experienced, well-educated in their craft and deeply connected with their students. They truly have a great time doing what they do for and with our community. I count working with this group of true professionals as one of the greatest opportunities of my career.

    My Career: My first policing was done from the military perspective. From 1975 – 1981 I was a US Air Force Security Policeman. I worked in nuclear and conventional weapons system policing as well as SWAT and combat reconnaissance. It was here I got my first leadership experience as an Assistant Flight Chief.

    After the Air Force, I served with the Longview Police Department. As a Field Training Officer capitalizing on the teaching strengths of my career. I hold certifications in Field Training, Police Ethics, Defensive Tactics instructor and instruction in various non-lethal weapons. I also have the TCOLE Classroom Instructor License and Firearms Instructor License.

    In September of 2000, I retired from LPD and went to work for LeTourneau University starting my shift from more conventional policing to policing in the educational environment. While there I developed several programs but the true highlight was creating the LeTourneau University Police Department.

    In 2015 I was appointed Chief of the Hallsville Independent School District Police Department by the HISD Board of Trustees. As with every other oath of office I have taken, my wife was present to support and encourage me. Since that day I have met many new friends and worked with some of the finest officers I have ever had the opportunity to be associated with. In all of these years, one truth has continually shown through; “when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    God bless and be Safe