• Criminal Justice Classroom Expectations

    As students, especially considering a career in the Criminal Justice Field, you are expected to act professional at all times in this class, as you would if you were employed in a Criminal Justice position. In order to ensure your success, we will follow these expectations and other rules referenced during class. These expectations and rules apply even if you are unsure if you will seek employment in the Criminal Justice field:


    1. Hallsville High School has a NO CELL PHONE POLICY. Cell phones will be allowed with instructor permission only. No exceptions.
    2. Students are expected to come prepared for class. This includes any material requested for the class period as outlined on the first days of school, or as instructed throughout the year.
    3. Students are expected to participate in class discussions, activities, and projects.
    4. Students are expected to be polite and courteous. Be RESPECTFUL to your teacher, classmates, HISD staff, and visitors at all times.
    5. Students are expected to adhere to the HISD dress code. This will be enforced in this class and this campus. I expect you to take initiative to dress appropriately in your community. All careers in Criminal Justice require interaction with the public and your appearance sets the tone for the interactions you have with others.
    6. We will observe the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In this class, we will take it one step further; you will treat others BETTER than others may treat you. Disruptions will not be tolerated.
    7. You are expected to monitor your own behavior and adhere to the HISD code of conduct. If you do not, you will face established consequences as outlined in the HISD Code of Conduct and HISD Student Handbook.
    8. Responsibility is a key trait in the field of Criminal Justice. So be RESPONSIBLE and hold yourself accountable to this. If you need help, ask someone, but you are ultimately responsible for your own choices and actions.
    9. Honesty, Integrity, and a desire to serve are absolute traits necessary to work in this field and in life itself. You are expected to choose to be honest (cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated), choose to do what is right, especially when nobody is looking, and seek out ways to help others.
    10. Criminal Justice relies on solutions. I challenge you to think “outside the box” and look for answers where none are evident. Be creative and responsive.
    11. Be on time. Students late to class without an acceptable note will be marked tardy. If you are tardy, you must sign in on the Hall Pass Tracker form and write ‘Tardy.” NO EXCEPTIONS!!
    12. A hall pass is required anytime a student leaves the room.





    Entering the Room

    • Enter the room quietly and calmly BEFORE the bell rings.
    • You are to come prepared for class and ready to work. Go to your assigned seat, pull out your supplies needed for the class period, and place them on your desk, in a neat and orderly fashion.
    • Close and secure your backpacks, bags, and purses underneath your desk. Anything you need from your bags after class starts will need to be approved by the teacher. Bags should be left alone during the class period.
    • When the bell rings, you will stand behind your desk, facing the front of the room. You will wait to take your seat until the teacher directs you to “Be seated.” At that time you will need to begin your work for the class period.
    • Be on time. If you are tardy, you must sign in on the Hall Pass Tracker form and write “Tardy” under the “Destination” column on the form. If you are tardy, you must have a pass from the attendance or other school personnel to enter the room.

    Personal Electronics

    • Hallsville High School has a NO CELL PHONE POLICY, which will be adhered to in this class. All Cell Phones and personal electronics will be turned off and placed in the teacher designated area during class. Cell phones will be allowed with instructor permission only. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • If you are wearing headphones, you will remove them and place them in your backpack during class time.
    • If you choose to keep your cell phone and personal electronics in your possession during class, at the teacher’s discretion, it will be taken up and returned at the end of class or handled in accordance with HHS policy (see Posting on Bulletin Board at the front of the room).

    Hall Passes

    • Passes will not be given during the first 15 minutes of class or the last 15 minutes of class (known as the “15/15” rule). The teacher reserves the right to change this policy based on what is schedule for the class period.
    • Passes will be given to go to the restroom, library, nurse or office between the “15/15” rule. Passes will not be given to go to another teacher’s room or to the athletic trainer.
    • Pass are obtained by permission ONLY and by completion of the Hall Pass Tracker form. A return entry on the form is required upon returning to the room.

    Eating and Drinking in the Class

    • Only bottled water with a secure lid is allowed during class.
    • No food will be allowed in the classroom.

    Participation in Class

    • Participation in the class during the entire period is MANDATORY. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Students may not place their head on their desk for any reason.
    • We will observe the Golden Rule – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In this class, we will take it one step further; you will treat others BETTER than others may treat you. Disruptions will not be tolerated. RESPECT YOUR TEACHER, RESPECT YOUR FELLOW STUDENT and RESPECT YOURSELF.
    • Professional language will be used during all times in the classroom. The use of “curse words” or “derogatory remarks” will not be tolerated and violations will lead to established consequences.

    Computer Use

    • Computer and internet activity is for class work ONLY.
    • HISD Acceptable Use Policy rules apply at all times.
    • You are not permitted to access unauthorized websites or change the programming settings of school computers.

    Assignments and Grades

    • Assignments are due at the end of class unless otherwise instructed.
    • Refer to your class syllabus for CTE Department Grading Policies.

    If you need assistance…

    • Students are encouraged to ask for assistance whenever needed, and may schedule times with the teacher for tutoring outside of regular class time.
    • Students must raise their hand and quietly wait to be called on before speaking in class.
    • Students are encouraged to work with fellow students before or after class.

    Exiting Class

    • The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does!
    • Students will be dismissed, after the bell has sounded, once the teacher has finished with instruction.
    • The student will ensure their desk is left in order before leaving.
    • The teacher will inform the student when they are able to retrieve their personal electronics, including their cell phones, before the end of class.

    Remember, we are here to learn….The LEAST amount of distraction will lead to the GREATEST amount of learning!!