• Syllabus for Business Information Management I  2019-2020

    Course Description:  This year you will learn how to use the computer to create documents and presentations for personal and business use. You will also have the opportunity to earn an industry certification as a Microsoft Office Specialist. Students will also leave this class with a variety of marketable employment skills.

                 Areas of Study:

    *Essential Skills for Life and the Workplace         *Business Software and Systems Operations

    *Microsoft Word                                                      *Database Technology

    *Microsoft Excel                                                      *Data Mining

    *Presentation Technology                                        *Desktop Publishing                               

    Instructor Contact:  Amy Fix       903-668-5980 Ext. 4082         afix@hisd.com

    Teaching Methods:  A variety of methods will be used. (discussion, lecture, computer exercises, writing assignments, etc.).

    Evaluation:  Common assessments and formative assessments will be used to evaluate the student’s progress.  Students are encouraged to ask for help if they do not understand an issue.  Early intervention is the key to success.

                Minor Assignments:  Daily tasks, Quizzes                    40%

                Major Assignments:  Tests and Project                        60%

    BIM I is a 2-semester course. Successful completion of the course will earn the student 1 technology credit (graduation requirement) and is part of the Business and Industry Endorsement. Students must earn a 70 average or above in order to earn credit for the course.

    Attendance: Regular attendance is highly encouraged. Being absent and/or tardy to class will put you behind in your work. All BIM assignments can be accessed from the student’s Google Classroom portal from ANY computer worldwide.  It is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to make arrangements to get caught up on missed instruction and assignments.

    Required Supplies: Headphones that will plug directly into the computer.

    Class Structure:  As part of the Career and Technical Education Department at HHS, BIM I is designed to provide students with a variety of employability skills.  Students will be expected to spend class time completing work that is assigned. Students will also be expected to complete work by posted due dates.

                First 15 minutes of class                      Typing Warm-up

                25 minutes                                          Mini Focus Lesson/Response

                5 minutes                                            Transition/Clean Up

                40 minutes                                          Major Focus Lesson/Student Practice

                5 minutes                                            Clean Up