• Project-Based Research Accounting Syllabus


    Mrs. Fix

    Computer Lab H124                    afix@hisd.com                903-668-5990 ext. 4082

    Project-Based Research is a 2-semester course. Successful completion will earn the student one credit and is part of the Business and Industry Endorsement.

    Course Description: 

    Project-Based Research is a course for students who have the ability to research a real-world problem. Students develop a project on a topic related to career interests, use scientific methods of investigation to conduct in-depth research, compile findings, and present their findings to an audience.

    Course Objectives: 

    • Apply mathematics, science, English language arts, and social studies in independent study
    • Use verbal and nonverbal communication skills
    • Demonstrate professional ethical behavior standards and legal responsibilities
    • Design and develop a research project related to their career interests
    • Use technology needed to complete a research project
    • Evaluate the original research project

    Assessment Plan:

    MAJOR GRADES: Comprehensive Accounting Problems, Practice Sets, Chapter Tests, and Competitive Tests

    • Weighted 60%
    • 3 per 9 weeks

    MINOR GRADES: Daily Grades, Chapter Problems, and Worksheets

    • Weighted 40%
    • 1 each week

    Grading Scale:      

     A         90-100            

     B         80-89              

     C         70-79              

     F         Below 70         


    • Pen and Pencils
    • Notebook Paper
    • Folder with Pockets
    • Handheld 4-function calculator ($1.00 at Wal-Mart)—No one will use a phone calculator.