CTE Department Grading Policy 2020-2021

    Make-up Work: Students are responsible for obtaining all missed work

    and for coordinating a due date with the teacher. Zeros are not acceptable.

    Daily Grade

    On-time = 100% available

    Late (assignment turned in any time after the due date in a 9-week grading

    period) = 70% available (highest grade possible)

    **Failure to turn in late/missing assignments before the end of a 9 week

    grading period will result in a zero remaining in the grade book.

    Test Grade

    First attempt = 100% available

    Retest = 70% available

    **Only ONE retest is allowed during each 9 week grading period; retest

    should be completed within one week. STUDENT IS RESPONSIBLE to

    schedule time to retest with the teacher.

    Project Grade

    On-time = 100% available

    Late (turn in anytime in 9 weeks) = 80% available

    **Late projects will be completed outside of class time (homework)

    IMPORTANT: Any zeros remaining in the grade book result in the student

    losing FINAL exam exemption despite good grade/attendance.

    Assessment Percentages:

                Minor Assignments:  Daily tasks and Quizzes           40%

                Major Assignments:  Tests and Projects                    60%