• Ms. Roberts’ Classroom Rules

     #1 Rule – DO NOT EMBARRASS ME with your behavior. This means in the classroom or in the hall, library, auditorium, etc.

    #2 – Be respectful of me and of other students. No name calling, arguing, vulgar language, or innuendo. Sometimes you just need to think before you speak. Being respectful also means respecting others’ property, even mine.

    #3 – No food unless there is enough for the whole class. If you have food, expect me to divide it amongst your fellow classmates and myself.

    #4 – Be an honorable young person. Have some integrity. DO NOT CHEAT.

    #5 – You have three bobcat passes you may use to be out of class for the entire semester. You can use them if you are reasonably tardy. You may use them to go to the restroom, check your phone, etc. However, once you are out, you’re out.

    #6 – I’m going to enforce all of the rules of this school. Choose your battles very carefully. If you don’t like the rule, try to change it in a mature way. Complaining gets you nowhere.

    #7 – If all else fails, remember this... THIS IS MY CLASSROOM. MY NAME IS OUTSIDE THE DOOR. I’M THE BOSS HERE.



    Cell Phone Policy

    It is DISRESPECTFUL to me to use your phone during my instruction.  You will not use it during instruction unless you have permission from me.  You may keep it put away or charge it at the back of the room. 

    If you begin using your phone during instruction in any way without permission, I will take it up and keep it until 3:36.  

    Sometimes I will take up your phone for security reasons - during testing, for example.