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Learn at Home Resources

  • During our school closure, student learning continues to be a priority. This site contains a page for each campus. On each campus's page, you will find your child's grade level or courses listed. For each, there will be content that supports the curriculum for the period of time we are closed. On the home page, you can also find links to all of our digital resources as well as instructions on how to access them.

    Students may be required to login with their HISD Google account to access some of these resources. The format for HISD student Google accounts is firstname.middleinitial.lastname@student.hisd.com and their passwords are their three initials plus their student ID number. For example, a student named "Bobby The Bobcat" with a student ID of "12345" would have the email/username "bobby.t.bobcat@student.hisd.com" and their password would be "btb12345"

    Hallsville ISD Google Email (Gmail)

    This is the HISD Google Email (Gmail) instance for staff and students.

    Hallsville ISD Google Classroom

    This is the HISD Google Classroom instance for staff and students.

    Hallsville ISD Google Drive

    This is the HISD Google Drive instance for staff and students.

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