• My responsibilities as the teacher

    • Know my content as thoroughly as I can.
    • Prepare lessons and activities with the best knowledge that I can, in conjunction with the other teachers of my subject.
    • Work to provide students with the skills and knowledge that they need, not only for right now but for the tasks they may face in the future beyond high school.
    • Hold students to high standards in both work and behavior.
    • Give students meaningful feedback on their work.
    • Treat students and co-workers with courtesy, kindness, and respect.

     Responsibilities of the students

    • Come to class on time and have assignments done on time, whether reading or written work.
    • Conduct themselves as young ladies and gentlemen who are scholars and adults-in-training, following the guidelines of this class and the school.
    • Make their best effort on all tasks.
    • Ask appropriate questions when something is unclear.
    • Treat others with courtesy, kindness, and respect.

    English II Syllabus 

    AP English III Syllabus