• This course is being offered to prepare your student for the AP classes that are offered to them their sophomore, junior, and senior years.  It will be during those years that they will be able to test for college credit.  It is for this reason that we in the social studies department feel it is important to draw up a contract between the parent, student, and teacher.  As with any advanced placement class, it does require more time and effort for all parties concerned.   If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me at any time. My conference period this year will be during 3rd  block on A day (11:10 – 1:00) and 6 th block on B day (8:00 – 9:15). You can reach me at 668-5990 ext. 4166 or at sheilawright@hisd.com.

    This course will be challenging, but I hope very stimulating as well. Current events will play an important role in this class and I ask that you encourage your student to sit down a couple of nights a week and watch the world news with you. Your student will also be assigned map projects, as well as other projects to be completed at home.  I will send home the information needed for this at a later date.  Your student should have something to work on from this class almost every evening.  I may not necessarily assign homework but between map projects and other assignments, he/she should be spending at least 30 minutes a night on something.  The grading procedure for PAP Geography  is as follows: tests and other major grades will count as 60%, daily work, homework, quizzes and presentations 40%. The retest policy is as follows. Your student may take one retest, of his/her choice, per semester. Once he or she uses that choice no more retests may be taken for that semester. I realize that at times your student may feel overwhelmed, but I know that with some help in time management and encouragement from both of us, he/she will be successful. I am available for tutorials every afternoon from 3:35 – 4:15, and each morning before school, except Tuesday, if your student needs additional help. This contract was not written to discourage your student, but rather to invite him/her to challenge him or herself to achieve more and prepare for an exciting and often difficult world. I am asking that you and your student read and sign this contract so that I know each of you understands what will be expected during this course of study. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call. I will look forward to hearing from you.