• Government Objective: To acquaint students with the principles, institutions, processes and policies of the American national government. Specific topics covered include: the three branches of government and separation of powers; federalism; campaigns, elections, voting and other forms of political participation; public opinion and the media; the policymaking process; issues of civil rights and liberties; and various areas of public policy, including entitlements, economic, environmental, and foreign policy.


    Economics Objective: To acquaint students with various economic systems, such as market economy and free enterprise. Students will also analyze and discuss different aspects of finance and investments, the relationship between business and labor, and the effect of the global economy. 



    History is important for it tells us who we are and how the world we live in came to be what it is. The subject provides crucial insight into present human behavior. To understand who we are now, we need to know the record of the past and try to understand the people and forces that shaped it. Moreover, studying history teaches vital skills, such as reading, writing, research, and critical thinking. This course introduces the student to various aspects of the nature and development of the United States. It is designed to help the student understand heritage, culture, and traditions of the United States.

    HIST 1301 covers the European settlement of North America to Reconstruction

    HIST 1302 covers 1877 to present