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Degrees and Certifications:

CERTIFICATION Secondary English, Grades 6-12 EDUCATION *Master's in Curriculum and Instruction-UT Tyler *LeTourneau University (Teaching Certification) *Texas A&M University, College Station (BS in Political Science, Minor in English)

Ms. Jennifer Roberts

Hi there!  It's nice to meet you.  To know me, you should know these 16 things:

  1. I love teaching and working with kids every day.  I've been teaching in Hallsville since 2002.  I've been teaching pre-AP since 2004.
  2. I went to Pine Tree and Texas A&M.
  3. I wanted to be an astronaut until college.  I changed my major because there weren't many jobs out there for Aerospace Engineers.  I like the logic of math, but I have a passion for English.
  4. I love holidays and flowers and all things red. 
  5. I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 39.  I had surgery, chemo, radiation, and more surgery.  Now I try to help people on that same journey. 
  6. I have the best friends in the world.  They have helped me laugh and cry through divorce, cancer, and life.
  7. I have an affinity for cars and fashion.  I have a weird memory for both. I can remember what I wore on the first day of school for all of the last 15 years. I can remember what my friends wear on important occasions.  I know what almost everyone I know drives.  
  8. I love Coke, pancakes, cupcakes, cheeseburgers, and banana Laffy Taffy, and hate coffee, bananas, cooked fruit, cereal, and sandwiches.  
  9. In the 80s I used to get a perm on my straight hair. One day, it stuck. Now my hair is naturally curly.
  10. It's important to me to help kids achieve their college dream.  I teach ACT/SAT bootcamps and a class.
  11. I love sci-fi and really bad movies.  I don't like reality TV.  
  12. I'm the National Honor Society adviser.  It's very important to me as a Christian to serve others.
  13. I am always a few minutes late.  I don't like to be early and by myself.
  14. I don't wear the same outfit twice in a school year.
  15. I'm bossy and sarcastic and bluntly honest.  
  16. I'm a nerd.  I love reading and learning!  

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