Victoria Downs


    My Counseling Mission and Philosophy:

    My mission as a school counselor is to create a comprehensive program that empowers all students to challenge themselves to meet their fullest potential.

    I believe a school counseling program should address the whole child including the academic, career, and social/emotional developmental needs of students and that every child is entitled to the school counseling curriculum in the same way they are entitled to learning all other essential skills mandated by the state of Texas. This is best achieved when parents, families, staff, and community members are involved and engaged in the learning process.

    I am committed to creating an open and safe environment for all who walk through the doors of Hallsville Intermediate. It is my responsibility to treat all students, colleagues and parents with respect and confidentiality at all times. I will uphold the highest ethical and legal standards, as well as participate in professional development to keep up to date with best practices in school counseling.


    About my office:

    I provide brief individual, group, and campus wide counseling to meet the needs of H.I.S. students. I work with staff members, parents, and community resources to enhance students' academic success. Staff members and guardians can refer students for counseling, or students may refer themselves. Counseling sessions with students will remain confidential unless the child is in danger of being harmed, harming oneself, or harming others.

    Contact me:
    (903) 668-5990 x2522 or