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All Students to Return to In-Person, On Campus Instruction

To the Parents and Guardians of HISD Students:

Since schools are not required to offer remote instruction per TEA, the administration has been reviewing student performance and attendance data from the first marking period. The data revealed that virtual online instruction has not been successful for the majority of our students and the added burden placed on our teachers is unsustainable. At this time, we believe that it is in the best interest of all students to return to in-person, on campus instruction. The timeline for implementation is below.

  • October 20,2020: Remote students can begin to transition to in person learning.
  • November 3, 2020: All students will be on campus. Dissolution of remote option unless in quarantine.

Parents of remote learners should communicate with the campus their plan for their student if they will not be returning to campus. (See possible options below.)

We look forward to welcoming all HISD students back to the classroom. Students and staff will still be expected to follow the COVID-19 safety guidelines established in the HISD Return to Learn plan. However, should you choose to pursue alternative means of education for your child, we wish everyone success. As you prepare to make a decision that best suits your family, options that are suitable for meeting the compulsory education laws include:

  • Withdraw for Home School
  • Withdraw to enroll in another district or private school/charter school
  • Enroll in TVAH - free public online school (Grades 3-12 only); TVAH capacity is limited and students must be approved by HISD prior to enrolling. Contact for TVAH is Julie Smith, district coordinator. She may be reached at or 903-668-5990 x5107.
  • Arrangements for students who are in quarantine or have medically fragile situations will be handled on a case by case basis by each campus principal

As we face testing, close contact and confirmed cases of COVID-19, Hallsville ISD will continue to follow our remote asynchronous learning plan for those excluded/quarantined for the required time period.

The Hallsville ISD and Board of Trustees are committed to the success of our students and staff and look forward to the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.

Jeff Collum