July Scholarships



For students that have chosen or will choose Cosmetology as their Major. Essay or YouTube video required.

Amount: $100 - $1,000

Altec Design ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

Essay Topic: "How do you foresee the internet changing your chosen career in the next 20 years?"

Amount: $750

American Association of Colleges of Nursing Hurst Review Services Nursing ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

U.S. and international pre-licensure nursing students enrolled in schools with AACN membership may apply. Applicants must include an application form and a personal essay.

Amount: $2500

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Minority Scholarship Awards for Incoming College FreshmenDue: July 15, 2021

Applicants must be HS graduates and members of a minority group that is underrepresented in chemical engineering. 3.0 GPA.

Amount: $1,000

American Legion Baseball ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

Any team manager or head coach of an American Legion team may nominate one player for consideration of this scholarship.

Amount: $500

Bilingual Therapies Scholarship - FallDue: July 15, 2021

Currently enrolled in an eligible graduate program, have native or near-native proficiency in a second language, and would like to work with multicultural children in a diverse school-setting. Requires personal interview in both languages and essay.

Amount: $2500 - $5000

Business Research Guide Scholarship for Women Entrepreneurs - Business Plan ContestDue: July 15, 2021

Applicants must submit a written business plan of 500-1000 words. The plan must be 100% original. Judges are looking for innovative, viable business plans that are well thought-out and clearly described.

Amount: $1,000

Creative Safety Supply ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

For a student in good academic standing who has used creative thinking to succeed in his/her academic or personal life. Essay required.

Amount: $1,000

Gamewardens Scholarship ProgramDue: July 15, 2021

Scholarships are open to sons, daughters and grandchildren of a Gamewarden.

Amount: $2,000

Great Value Colleges Community Service Scholarship (Fall)Due: July 15, 2021

U.S. citizen attending or accepted at an accredited post-secondary U.S. institution with at least a 3.0 GPA with at least 40 hours of community service. Essay required.

Amount: $1500

Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship - National AIDS MemorialDue: July 15, 2021

Open to students who demonstrate an active commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS and taking on roles of public service and leadership. Essay required.

Amount: $ Varies

Red River Valley Association ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

The immediate dependents of any member of the US Armed Forces who is listed in KIA or MIA status from any combat situation involving our military since August, 1964 through the present time.

Amount: $ Varies

SelectBlinds.com College ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

Applicant must submit a fresh, new, creative way to use window coverings. 2.5 GPA.

Amount: $1,000

Silent Warrior Scholarship FundDue: July 15, 2021

The Silent Warrior Foundation awards scholarships to any college-bound person based on direct familial relationship to a Reconnaissance Marine/0321 or Critical Skills Operator/0372. Essay, academic achievement and financial need will be considered.

Amount: $ Not listed

Smith Publicity Book Marketing ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

Must submit an essay on persuasive writing including a comparative analysis of the art of persuasion through writing versus verbally.

Amount: $1,000

Smith Publicity Marketing ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

Submit a 1,500 word essay on topics related to using writing skills as a marketing tool.

Amount: $1,000

Tenshon ScholarshipDue: July 15, 2021

For students who are interested in the fields of architecture, design and/or engineering.

Amount: $1,500

BankMobile Financial Literacy ScholarshipDue: July 16, 2021

Submit a creative video (30-60 seconds) on the importance of financial empowerment in your life and career. Special consideration will be given towards those who are demonstrating an active role in promoting financial empowerment within their community.

Amount: $1,500


Essay or Video Topic: "How has cancer impacted your life?" Essay must be between 800-1,250 words. Videos should be at between 2 and 3 minutes.

Amount: $2,500


Essay or Video Topic: "How has cancer impacted your life?" Essay must be between 800-1,250 words. Videos should be at between 2 and 3 minutes.

Amount: $2,500

Bey & Associates ScholarshipsDue: July 16, 2021

Submit an essay on the topic: What’s the oddest family tradition you have? Who started it and when? What does it entail? Why is this tradition special to you and your family? Do you plan to continue it, why or why not?

Amount: $1,000

Thomas Law Offices College ScholarshipDue: July 16, 2021

Submit a 500+ word essay on the topic: What would be the most surprising scientific discovery imaginable?

Amount: $1,000

antibodies-online Annual University ScholarshipDue: July 20, 2021

Write a 250 word abstract on why you have decided to enter the field of Life Science and how you plan to use your degree to further advance this field and a 150 word abstract on what your favorite scientific discovery is and why.

Amount: $1,000

MPOWER Women in STEM ScholarshipDue: July 20, 2021

Female international/DACA students who are currently enrolled or accepted to study full-time in a STEM degree program at a program MPOWER supports in the United States or Canada.

Amount: $1000 to $3000

Scholarship is open to U.S. and international students who are current high school juniors and seniors. Applicant must respond to one of three prompts listed on website.

Amount: $1,000


United Food & Commercial Workers ScholarshipDue: July 24, 2021

Scholarships available for UFCW members' unmarried children under the age of 20.

Amount: $2,000 per year for up to 4 years

DirectTextbook.com Scholarship Essay ContestDue: July 25, 2021

Submit your original essay, story, or account of "Ambition" in 500 words or less. GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Amount: $3000

Educational Research Center of America ScholarshipDue: July 26, 2021

The essay topic for the applicant is to describe a personal achievement story and how you overcame challenges to reach your goal. You can include any impact on your local community your achievement helped benefit.

Amount: $1,500 - $7,000

Student Research Foundation - Personal Achievement ScholarshipDue: July 26, 2021

Essay topic: Describe a personal achievement story and how you overcame challenges to reach your goal. You can include any impact on your local community your achievement helped benefit.

Amount: $1,500 - $7,000

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program - FallDue: July 29, 2021

For students enrolled or accepted for enrollment in undergraduate or graduate studies with a declared major in a science related field. Essay required.

Amount: $1500


Write an essay of no fewer than 800 words about your opinion on the importance and efficacy of the 7th Amendment and how it affects your life.

Amount: $2,000

Majux Marketing ScholarshipDue: July 30, 2021

Must be pursuing a degree in Business or Marketing. 650 word essay answering the following question: "How would you use a budget of $10,000 to promote an e-commerce project of your choice?"

Amount: $1,000

Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma ScholarshipDue: July 30, 2021

Be a member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. Must show financial need.

Amount: $ Varies

Schlanger Law Group ScholarshipDue: July 30, 2021

Submit a 750 - 1,000 word essay on a topic related to consumer laws.

Amount: $1,500

AceableAgent Higher Education ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Send a video (2 min max length) -OR--a 500 word writing prompt with a photo telling us what home is to you. It could be a city, a house, a person, whatever speaks to you!

Amount: $1,000

American Association of State Troopers ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

For AAST members' children by natural birth, legal adoption, step child, or legal guardian raised as their own child. Parent must have been a member of AAST for two years prior to the scholarship application deadline. 3.0 GPA. Essay required.

Amount: $500 - $1,500

Auger & Auger Attorneys at Law Disabled Scholar AwardDue: July 31, 2021

Essay of 500 - 1,000 words: 1. Describe a time in your life when you have overcome your disability to do something extraordinary.
2. Describe what you have learned from living with your disability. How have those lessons prepared you for college and for what you plan to do after you complete your education?

Amount: $1,000

Avonte Oquendo Memorial ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Either you or a close family member has been diagnosed with a form of autism, including Asperger syndrome and is currently enrolled or has been accepted into an accredited university or college. Essay required.

Amount: $1,000

Best Mattress Guide ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Create a short video, in which you should talk about: What is the scariest nightmare you ever had? Why is good sleep important for a student? What are the main components of getting a good sleep? Do you have any tips on sleep for fellow students?

Amount: $700

CardRates.com - Financial Futures ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

For future and current college students majoring in Business, Accounting, Finance, Mathematics, Management and others preparing for a career in the personal finance industry. Essay required.

Amount: $1,000

Chaffin Luhana Anti-Distracted Driving Scholarship Essay ContestDue: July 31, 2021

Write an original 500-750 word essay on topics on website concerning distracted driving.

Amount: $2,500

City Property Management HOA Service ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Special consideration will be given to undergraduate who is interested in pursuing a career in HOA Management, but anyone meeting the requirements who can demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career in the Real Estate field will be considered. Minimum 3.0 GPA.

Amount: $1000

Coupon Chief ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Upload a 2-5 minute video to Youtube that details one of 2 things:
1. Introduce yourself, mentioning your grade and college you will be attending.
2. How you personally save money as a college student.

Your video must also include a short intro about your reasons for living a frugal lifestyle.

Amount: $1,000


Submit a 500 - 800 word essay on one of three given topics related to Cystic Fibrosis. Applicant does not need to have Cystic Fibrosis.

Amount: $1,500

DefensiveDriving.com ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Open to high school Seniors or college students who are legal residents of the United States.

Amount: $1,000


Currently enrolled in or have been accepted to an accredited college or university. You are, or have been, a caregiver of someone living with a serious brain injury. Minimum 2.8 GPA. Essay required.

Amount: $1,000

Exabeam Cybersecurity ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Submit either a 600 to 1,000 word essay OR link to a 5-minute video on a subject related to cypersecurity.

Amount: $10000

Gen and Kelly Tanabe ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Any high school student grades, 9 - 12, college or graduate student, who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Essay required.

Amount: $1,000

Get Up and Get Active! - Tackle Your Weakness ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

For current high school or college students age 15 years or older. In 3-5 sentences please answer ONE of the following: "What do you consider one of your greatest weaknesses? -OR- Why is it important to try to improve a weakness?"

Amount: $1,000

Law Office of John J. Sheehan Overcoming Injuries Scholarship.Due: July 31, 2021

Submit an essay of 750-1,000 words discussing how you or a loved one has overcome a personal injury. Explain the challenges you or a loved one faced, and the personal growth that came from such an experience.

Amount: $1,000

Liberty Ranch Addiction & Mental Health ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Students who have been impacted by mental health challenges and addiction. Individuals pursuing studies focused on destigmatizing addiction and mental illness are also invited to apply. Essay required.

Amount: $1000

Minecraft ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Write a short essay of no less than 500 words about your opinion on how Minecraft can be a positive influence within your education and career development.

Amount: $2,000

Nargis Ragab Scholarship for First Generation Immigrants and the Children of ImmigrantsDue: July 31, 2021

750 - 1,000 word essay: "Discuss how being an immigrant or the child of immigrants has shaped who you are today and what hardships you have had to overcome as a result of being an immigrant or the child of an immigrant in this country."

Amount: $1,500

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) ScholarshipsDue: July 31, 2021

Scholarships are open to students with an interest in aviation. Multiple scholarships available.

Amount: $ Varies

Peterson's Scholarship SweepstakesDue: July 31, 2021

Register on website to enter random drawing for scholarship.

Amount: $2,500


Scholarship is judged and awarded primarily on merit and need. 3.0 GPA.

Amount: $1,000

Reiter & Walsh, P.C. Cerebral Palsy ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Have cerebral palsy. Have a GPA of at least 3.0. Submit essay not exceeding two typed, single-spaced pages or multimedia project describing how you have been affected by cerebral palsy.

Amount: $1,000

Sallie Mae Scholarship - JulyDue: July 31, 2021

Register online for access to college-planning tools and to be entered for monthly scholarship

Amount: $1000

ScholarshipZone.com ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Register on website to enter random drawing for scholarship.

Amount: $10,000

Senior Planning Social Work & Eldercare AwardDue: July 31, 2021

For high School Seniors or Undergraduates with less than 90 credit hours. Applicants shall be working towards a degree in social work with the intent on assisting seniors and the elderly.

Amount: $900

Sutliff & Stout - First Step Scholarship ContestDue: July 31, 2021

Write an essay of at least 500 words detailing their most common distracted driving habits and to describe the concrete steps they will take to put an end to those habits.

Amount: $1,500

Unigo - Flavor of the Month ScholarshipDue: July 31, 2021

Essay: "If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why?" (250 words or less)

Amount: $1,500


500 - 750 word essay on the "spirit of giving".

Amount: $1,000