• Hallsville High School Student Council is a group of students representing the student body that actively works to plan activities and projects to build relationships between students, faculty, and the community. This is a volunteer organization (not elected). Any student may join that meets the following requirements: must maintain passing grades; attend meetings at least once per month; participate in committees to plan and execute school activities and pay dues. Student Council members keep point sheets to track their participation each semester. Some Student Council planning activities include Friday Night Spirit Exchange (at football games), Homecoming/Spirit Week activities, Red Ribbon Week, HHS Food Fest, and many school/community service projects. There are also leadership opportunities through our elected Student Council officer program.


    I am proud to say that we have been recognized and awarded the SWEEPSTAKES and the OUTSTANDING STUDENT COUNCIL awards by the State of Texas of Student Councils for 5 consecutive years! This is a tremendous amount of work that our members and school have worked so hard to achieve. There are over 100 HSs in our District 4 region, and only 11 schools received both of these recognitions. 


    Advisor - Galvino Medina

    Co-Advisor - Carolyn Thompson


StuCo 2023