• Vision and Core Beliefs

    Hallsville Independent School District will pursue "Excellence in Education" in all endeavors

    • HISD will provide students an opportunity to obtain a world class education that prepares them for a globally competitive society;
    • HISD will strive to be a district of excellence that competes at the state and national levels in all academic and extracurricular activities;
    • HISD will instill a desire for ethical behavior, integrity and good citizenship in all students.

Join Our Team!

  • Come and join the team here at Hallsville East Elementary School! We have current openings for:

    • Structured Learning Paraprofessional
    • Classroom Paraprofessional

    Learn more about you can join the Bobcat Family! Click here for more information on how you can apply!

Check Out "Camp Book It!"

  • Help beat the summer slide and enroll your student in "Camp Book It!" Students earn one Personal Pan Pizza a month for June through August at Pizza Hut for meeting reading goals. This program is totally free for families with students in PreK - 6th grade (ages 4-12). Enroll now at bookitprogram.com to join in on the fun, or scan the QR code located on the brochure here.

Coming Up At East

East Mission In Action

  • East Mission: At East Elementary, our mission is to unleash the leader in students, educators, and our school community.

    East Values:

    • COMMUNICATION - collaborate, value input, presume positive intent
    • FAMILY - relationships where we all feel valued and work as a team
    • OWNERSHIP - make decisions that support positive climate and educational goals
    • SAFETY - culture of safety for collaboration; intention with words & actions
    • GROWTH - flexibility and grace in celebrating accomplishments

    Mr. Demetri Roberts

    "'Mr. D' is a great asset to East Elementary! He works hard no matter what is asked of him. He always has a smile and is ready to help. He takes ownership of the way our school looks every day. He is one of our unsung heroes and does a great job of creating a positive environment for all of us. We are so grateful for all he does and are blessed to hear him singing around the halls daily!"

    Mrs. Kimberly Hendrix

    "Mrs.Hendrix is an incredible asset to East Elementary. Former marvelous music teacher turned 2nd grade teacher, who has FULLY embraced and ROCKED her new position over the last two years. Kimberly has pivoted and filled in gaps on our team without blinking an eye. Her ability to absorb and implement new ideas and curriculum is incredibly impressive. Kimberly excels at community outreach and is always on board to jump in and help!  I don't think there's anything this teacher can't do and be great at!"

    Mrs. Brandi Duncan

    "Mrs. Duncan looks out for each student in our school by making sure they feel loved and seen. Her guidance through open communication in helping everyone feel valued and important is essential to creating the positive school atmosphere we infuse at Hallsville East Elementary. Each day she finds new ways to respectfully help her peers learn how to implement this attitude, so we all foster these values and grow together! She is an amazing leader who knows how to bring out the best leader in everyone else!! I'm honored to have her on my side!"

    Mrs. Christi Tatman

    "Mrs. Tatman goes above and beyond to lead the second grade team every day. She is always eager to support her students and team. She makes intentional decisions that support a positive climate and does a great job at encouraging educational goals. She makes sure we are all on track to enriching our students in every way we can. She is an amazing teacher who offers grace and encouragement to everyone around her. She has helped me with many things since I started at East, and I am blessed to call her a friend! East Elementary is a better place with Mrs. Tatman around! The second grade team would be lost without her."

    Mrs. Kristen Hines

    "I have seen tremendous growth in Kristen. She is working on top of being a student to become a classroom teacher. I am very thankful for her hard work and dedication to supporting the students in our classroom. Her work is invaluable, and I truly could not make it each day without her in our classroom. I can't wait to see her as a teacher. I know she will do amazing things! I am incredibly blessed to not only call her my teammate, but also my friend!"

    Mrs. Mahamalea Bliss

    "Mrs. Bliss is a team player who is willing to take on hard challenges. She is patient with her students and ensure that they are all included in class activities. She is loving, funny and kind. We love her!"

    Mrs. Stacy Hunt

    "Mrs. Hunt goes above and beyond to support her students and teachers alike. She consistently strives to meet the needs of all students, demonstrating a genuine care for their well-being and academic success. Even during challenging times, Mrs. Hunt remains resilient and perseveres with a positive attitude that is truly inspiring. Mrs. Hunt is a superstar!"

    Mrs. Sabrina Kennedy

    "Mrs. Sabrina is always looking out for the safety and well-being of our students. When there is a need she is always quick to respond. She truly cares about each and every student she comes in contact with daily. The grace and love that she shows students is unending. East is very lucky to have her!"

    Mrs. Jessica Purifoy

    "Nurse Jessica is ALWAYS looking out for the best interests of our kids. Not only just our East kiddos, but our entire District! She shows great compassion and care for our sick kiddos and is always looking out for our safety. She is always concerned when the kids are sick. It truly hurts her heart. A BIG plus is that she looks out for our staff as well, keeps us in stock with some Tylenol/Ibuprofen, Band-aids, and ALL the things."

    Mrs. Freida Welch

    "For 39 years you have educated so many. Mrs. Freida Welch is one of the best of the best! She holds a significant position in shaping the lives of our students, leaving a lasting impact on their academic growth and future success. You've done an excellent job of recognizing and nurturing the talents in each student's growth. Something about your special touch; your teaching style adapts to each student's unique learning style. Your ability to spark curiosity in students is exceptional. Freida, your passion for teaching is infectious. We value you and the dedication to each student's success. It shines bright and is truly inspiring!"

    Mrs. Veronica Kelly

    "Veronica is always there to step in and lend a hand where needed, without hesitation. Her positive attitude towards each task, as well as towards each staff member, strengthens her relationship with others and sets such an amazing example for adults and students. She exemplifies the term "lead with your heart". We are blessed that she is a part of our East Family!"

    Mrs. Lisa Wingfield

    "When fourth grade moved to East, we were met with new challenges and a new Intervention team. Lisa not only made us feel welcomed from the very beginning, but also stepped up to help in any way possible. From BAS testing new students, talking with the teachers about their progress, to listening and helping us come up with solutions, Lisa is supportive and dependable. She continues to "work behind the scenes" making sure our students' needs are being met and reading levels are charted. She is always willing to help and does so with a smile. She doesn't have to post her achievements on social media, but instead, knows in her heart that success is measured by the light bulbs that come on when our students get it. Thank you for making a difference, loving our students, and being someone who really understands what it means to be a team player."

    Mrs. Denise Wall

    "I am in awe at all of Mrs. Wall's hard work in keeping everything running smoothly at school! Your dedication to organizing and planning, from finding substitutes at the last minute, faculty meeting snacks to grade level supply orders does not go unnoticed. Your efforts truly make a difference, and I'm grateful to have you as a friend too!"

    Mrs. Amy Welch

    "If you ever find yourself having a challenging day, Amy is the person you should turn to. She radiates positivity and joy wherever she goes! Even on her own tough days, she manages to keep a sunny disposition that uplifts everyone around her. Her warm and welcoming attitude creates an inclusive environment for all. Students adore her because she transforms learning into an exciting and enjoyable experience."

    Mrs. Casey Hutto

    "Mrs. Hutto is a hidden gem within our school walls. She has a heart for teaching but even more love for building relationships with students. Mrs. Hutto is a protector of our 4th grade and ensures that all students feel safe. She is structured, focused and always going above and beyond for her classes. Mrs. Hutto exemplifies what a good teacher should be. I’m so proud to have her on our 4th grade team. When asking her students what they loved about her, a few responses were: “She really listens to what we have to say.” “She makes the schoolwork fun!” “She encourages us!” “She’s kind and helps everybody.” Mrs. Hutto is an exceptional team player and great leader at East."

    Mrs. Mariam Russell

    "Mrs. Russell is one of the best lead teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with! She is a complete ray of sunshine for everyone she works with. She is always inclusive with everyone. She is genuinely creating such a safe space for everyone to share opinions and collaborate together to make our campus a great place to learn. I am so lucky for the opportunity to learn from her this year! She is truly such a role model to me and embodies everything a great teacher should strive to be. Mariam Russell is going to change the world someday! I can’t believe I have the honor to call her a dear friend! She is truly what keeps our 4th Grade team together and she is so great at communicating and letting us know when things are happening. She really is just so fantastic!"

    Mrs. Stacy Stapp

    "Stacy always goes above and beyond completing her daily tasks efficiently, all while building a good rapport with staff here at Hallsville East Elementary. She has been a great asset to our campus as well as supporting our assistant principals with their needs. She checks in on students during lunch duty and coaches a UIL team. She sees a need and fills it before anyone knows there was a need in the first place!"

    Ms. Darby Wyatt

    "Ms. Darbi has shown such growth in the short time I have known her. She finished her Bachelors of Education with Summa Cum Laude honors while working a full-time job where she grew others every day. She works hard to always help others, whether it is a student or staff member. She shows that when you work hard you can also achieve greatness! She works hard to help others grow as well, whether it is her small group instruction or being a part of the Lighthouse Team and the Sunshine Committee. Darbi is literal sunshine at East Elementary. You can't help but smile and be happy when around her. I can't wait to watch her grow as a teacher. She will be amazing. East Elementary proudly recognizes Ms. Darbi Wyatt for GROWTH!"

    Mrs. Lori Rich

    "Lori has such a heart for children and this community! She dedicates her time and energy to making sure our students and families have what they need and makes everyone feel like family. She loves on students who need it the most and goes above and beyond for them to make sure they are well taken care of and happy. She is at the heart of our school family and our community, and we are so blessed to have her on our campus. East Elementary proudly recognizes Nurse Lori Rich for FAMILY!"

    Ms. Kelly Runk

    "Ms. Runk’s ownership of her responsibilities is truly commendable. She has not only learned her job thoroughly, but also works seamlessly with her teammates fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. Her ability to contribute effectively to the team's success showcases her strong sense of ownership. In addition to her professional proficiency, Ms. Runk’s genuine care and love towards her team and the students create a positive and uplifting atmosphere here at East."

    Mrs. Cara Hume

    "Mrs. Hume rocks the Library!! She is thoughtful, deliberate, and spot-on in planning read-alouds and activities for the students at every grade level to experience in the library. It is a wonderful, positive learning environment that the kids and staff love! She also helps recognize our East Leaders with Leader of the Month certificates and Book Vending Machine tokens. She is such a wonderful resource for the staff providing us with ideas, materials, and any other thing that is available or asked for. East Elementary loves Mrs. Hume!"

    Mrs. Sara Rushing

    "Ms. Rushing is intentional about using every minute of every day to incorporate our Leader in Me mindset. Her classroom culture creates a safe space for all to collaborate, incorporating LIM in words and actions. Her students have internalized and exhibit the qualities and attributes that an East Leader possesses."

    Mrs. Patty Gerald

    "The forefront of Mrs. Gerald's daily routine is a commitment to growth - for herself, her students, and those around her. Expectations are held to the highest level. She has embraced new expectations for student achievements. She demonstrates grace and flexibility in how we measure growth. She frequently celebrates any and all accolades for her students and team. The rapport she has developed with students, staff, and parents truly exemplify what East values for accountability."

Attendance & Hours

  • It is important for students to be at school every day and on time. Students are considered tardy after 7:45 a.m. and will need an adult to sign them into school. When the bell rings at 7:45, it is the parent's responsibility to park in a parking space and walk your student into the front office to sign them into school. If your child is sick, remember to send a doctor's note or parent note when they return  to school. Dropoff time each day begins at 7:15 a.m., and dismissal begins at 3:30 p.m.

Car Line & Traffic Flow

  • In the mornings, East Elementary uses a single file line closest to the building and works hard to open six (6) car doors at a time. If your student is able to open the door and get out unassisted, they may do so after all traffic has come to a complete stop.

    Afternoon Dismissal

    Split into two lanes.

    • Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and sibling groups are assigned to the line closest to the building
    • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades are assigned to the lane away from the building (it runs through the small parking lot, and students will cross the driveway for pickup)

    Car Rider Pro

    New students should have received a car tag at Meet The Teacher. Returning students may use the same tag as last year. If you need an additional or replacement tag, the cost is $7 due to the price of tags increasing.

    • You must have the Car Rider Pro tag hanging for it to scan on the reader. Do not block the reader.
    • The scanner will not start scanning tags until 2 p.m. You may not line up prior to that time.

    Reminder: The driveway at East is part of the school zone, and cell phone usage is not permitted during dropoff and pickup times.

Campus Bell Schedule

  • East Elementary's bell schedule begins the school day each day at 7:40 a.m., with the tardy bell at 7:45 a.m. Dismissal in the afternoons is at 3:30 p.m. On Early Release days, dismissal is 12:30 p.m.

Join Our PTA!

  • It’s not too late to join the East Elementary PTA! We would love to have you join us!  We have lots of fun things planned this year. You can help and volunteer as much as you are comfortable with and your schedule allows.  Join East Elementary PTA and receive updates by liking their page on Facebook!