• Vision and Core Beliefs

    Hallsville Independent School District will pursue "Excellence in Education" in all endeavors

    • HISD will provide students an opportunity to obtain a world class education that prepares them for a globally competitive society;
    • HISD will strive to be a district of excellence that competes at the state and national levels in all academic and extracurricular activities;
    • HISD will instill a desire for ethical behavior, integrity and good citizenship in all students.

A Word From Our Principal

  • HJH is coming to the final stretch of the 2023-2024 school year! We are very proud of the work our students have done thus far in the school year as we begin the final push in our fourth nine weeks. Having such talented and amazing students on our campus is truly an honor and blessing for us. Throughout the spring semester, we will maintain our focus on continuous growth, not only for the campus, but also for each student who walks through our doors. As a campus, HJH continues to empower students to take advantage of academic opportunities that prepare them for success. To ensure our students are prepared for the rigors they will face during their educational journey, our teachers continue to challenge them in our classrooms. Our students also participate in extracurricular activities outside the classroom which we are very proud of. The link to our monthly newsletter below lists some of the highlights and events we have on campus in the month of April. Thank you for all your continued support. HJH is a great campus because of the people we serve. Go Cats!

    FarrellClayton Farrell
    HJH Principal

    Check out our HJH April newsletter here.

Math/Science Team Headed To State

  • State BoundThe HJH Math & Science Team (MST) has been competing in local and regional competitions since last October. All of their hard work and dedication has culminated in the opportunity to compete at the state level. On Saturday, April 12, the members of the Bobcat MST will compete in the 2024 Texas Middle School State Championship. The Middle School State Championship will be held on the campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio. At this meet, schools from across the state will come together for one final competitive challenge to see who will win the crown of 2024 Middle School State Champions. Congratulations to the following students that are qualified to represent Hallsville at the State competition in San Antonio in April.

    7th grade: Tucker Abel, Lauren Courtney, Ella Dierkes, Ellah Etheridge, Nicholas Fincher, Pierson Haines, Myra Kataria, Sawyer Leviton, Liam Oney, Jacob Parker, Andrew Pechacek, William Scasta, Hayden Thornton, Kinlee Ward, Max White

    8th grade: Drew Adams, Harrison Daub, Emma Davis, Jackson Dozier, Chandler Emerine, Emily Miller, Brayden Norris, Avery Orr, Carter Ouzts, Eben Reyes, Garrett Simmons, Caylee Snook, Aiden Vidaurri, Jacob Whitehurst, Ben Yates

    These students have worked hard all year and have seen tremendous growth both individually and as a team. When you see a member of the HJH Math & Science Team, shake their hand, give them a high five or dab them up and wish them luck! A huge thank you to all the faculty, staff, parents and local businesses that have supported these students and the entire team throughout the year. Without you, this team would not be as successful as it is. And finally, a special thanks to the coaches that have put in countless hours for this program: Mr Gerald, Ms Fuller, and Mrs Emerine.

Congratulations 2024-25 HJH Cheer!

  • HJH held tryouts for the 2024-2025 Cheer squads prior to Spring Break. We are happy to announce our 8th Grade Cheerleaders and Mascot for next year! Congratulations to all these hard-working students and we are looking forward to another great year!

    • Addi Hatchel
    • Alex Hines
    • Blaine Oney
    • Blakely Hardin
    • Brooklyn Bruch
    • Brylee Shelton
    • Ella Geddie
    • Emalyn Salinas
    • Haiden Pool
    • Kabryn Bradley
    • Lana Charlton
    • Madi Newbury
    • Morgan Anders
    • Olivia Volm
    • Rylee Potts (mascot)

HJH Spring Pictures May 2

  • PicturesHallsville Junior High School will have Spring Pictures on Thursday, May 2, in the HJH Auditorium. Students will receive a Picture Day Form from their advisory teacher at the end of April. They will need to bring their form with their money or receipt of online payment with them to be released to come to the auditorium. Students will be released by their last name for those that are planning to take their spring pictures. There will be other details in the May Newsletter.

HJH Group Picture Day May 7

  • PicturesHallsville Junior High School will have Group/Organization Pictures on Tuesday, May 7, at the football field in the morning. The organizations in the graphic will be pictured during that time. Your head sponsors/coaches will send out more information closer to the day.


  • YearbooksThe Hallsville Junior High 2023-2024 Yearbook is now on sale for $40 through March 29. Yearbooks are purchased online only through Jostens Yearbook (use QR code), and prices will increase to $45 beginning March 30 through May 10. Based on the results from a survey that was sent out to students/parents in September, the yearbook will be submitted to our company after the last day of school to allow more students/events to be pictured. Yearbooks will tentatively arrive by August, and will be handed out at the 2024 Meet the Teacher. Current 8th Grade students will be able to pick up August 6 from 5-6 p.m. at the front entrance. Please contact the school if you have any questions.

    Also...the time has come for 6th-7th Grade students to sign up to be a part of the 2024-2025 HJH Yearbook Staff! Please fill out the Google Form with your child's school email address. Mrs. Bradburry will send out information and the application to the student's email on March 18 for those who fill out the Google Form expressing interest in joining. If you have any questions, please reach out to Amanda Bradburry at abradburry@hisd.com.

In The Library

  • As the school year swiftly approaches its end, it is crucial to begin preparing for the return of all library books. Please note that all books are required to be returned by Wednesday, May 1. We kindly ask that you engage in conversations with your child to ensure they are aware of the whereabouts of their library books. If your child requires assistance in identifying the books they need to return, they are welcome to visit the library, and we will be more than happy to assist them. A gentle reminder that fines for lost or damaged books will carry over to their high school records and must be resolved prior to graduation. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the timely return of all library materials.

Notes From The Nurse

  • Allergies

    Spring is a welcomed season after a cold Texas winter. The changing weather can bring on seasonal allergies and asthma, along with stinging insects. Please be sure to check your student’s backpack for their (non-expired) Epi-pen and/or rescue inhaler. These important medications should be signed in with the nurse, whether with the student or in the nurse office. If your student has over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol or Motrin, in the nurse's office, they may be running low. Please email aholt@hisd.com if you are interested in bringing a refill.

    Drink Water!

    WATER WATER WATER! This is so important to our kids' overall health and productivity. We are all about to be spending more time outdoors (finally!), so please encourage adequate water intake every day! Water Recommendations


    Any medication to be administered to a student must be brought to the school by the parent/guardian in the new, original container. Please do not put medicine in a sandwich bag with a note and send it to school with your child or expect that your child can keep medication in their backpack. You may come to school and administer medication directly to your student if you do not wish to leave any in the nurse's office. The “Medication Consent” form must be completed and signed by the parent and physician for any prescription medicine to be administered during school hours.

    Student Pickup

    With the onset of allergy/cold/flu season, please make prompt arrangements to pick up your child when the school notifies you that your child is ill. Pick-up should be in less than one hour. We completely understand when there are times when a parent is out of town, is not allowed to leave work, etc., but please make sure there is someone who can pick up your student when you are not available. Any person who is allowed to pick up your student should be added to their nurse contacts in Skyward. If your contact information changes, or anyone else's on file, remember to change it in Skyward.

    Contact Information

    We look forward to the many opportunities this new year will bring to further interact with you and care for your children as needed. We understand this time of year can get hectic and children begin to see symptoms of various illnesses. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Nurse Barron at HJH by phone (ext. 242) or email (mbarron@hisd.com).

Campus Information

  • Hallsville Junior High School
    has been rated a


    campus by the
    Texas Education Agency
    for the 2021-2022 school year

    with Distinction Designations in:

    Academic Achievement - ELA/Reading
    Academic Achievement - Mathematics
    Top 25%: Comparative Academic Growth
    Postsecondary Readiness
    Top 25%: Comparative Closing The Gaps

    Note: HJH received 89 out of a possible 100 points in the state's accountability rating system for the 2021-2022 school year. Districts and schools did not receive a grade following the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Google Classroom

  • Please make sure your child is staying up-to-date in his/her Google Classrooms in the event they are absent. Lessons are uploaded daily. Students will be given an opportunity to make up work when they return, but we recommend staying current with their lessons so that way they are caught up when they return to campus.

Tardy Policy

  • Instructional time is essential to student success. Additionally, it is critical that students learn the importance of punctuality. In order to encourage this behavior, HJH has implemented the following campus policy regarding tardies.

    Tardies will be tracked cumulatively each nine-week grading period, with the following consequences in place for repeated tardies:

    • 3rd tardy - 1 day of Lunch Detention
    • 6th tardy - 2 days of Lunch Detention
    • 9th tardy - 1 day of After-School Detention
    • 12th tardy - 2 days of After-School Detention
    • 15th tardy - 1 day of ISS
    • 18th tardy - 2 days of ISS
    • 19+ - Discretion of Campus Administration

    Please discuss with your child the importance of punctuality as we are preparing students to be responsible with their time. Please contact our office you if have questions. Thank you.

Restroom Policy

  • Students will be allowed three (3) restroom passes in their RLA/Math classes (90 minute blocks) and two (2) restroom passes in their SC/SS/Elective classes (45 minute block) each nine (9) weeks. This gives students up to 16 restroom passes within a nine-week grading period to use the restroom. We encourage students to use the restroom during one of their eight (8) transitions during the school day from class to class and/or during their lunch time. Students have a total of 58 minutes during their school day (not including before and after school) outside of their class time to use the restroom. Instructional time is critical to your student’s success. If a student has used all passes for a specific class they will be allowed to use the restroom in the event of an emergency or if they have specific documentation from a medical professional. These situations need to be communicated with their classroom teacher. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning this policy. Thank you.

Attendance Matters

  • Daily attendance is so important to a child’s success in school. We know parents want their children to do well in school. Did you know there is a connection between chronic absences and a student’s academic achievement? Showing up to school each day matters for R.E.A.L… because it is an opportunity to:

    • Build Routines
    • Increase Engagement
    • Provide Access to Resources
    • Support Learning

    Routines: A daily attendance routine can help you reduce stress and develop habits that help you keep a job.

    Engagement: Being in school gives you a chance to see your friends and build relationships with school staff.

    Access to Resources: When you show up to school, you can get access to meals, health services, mental health supports and enrichment activities (sports, clubs, music, tutorials, etc.).

    Learning: You are more likely to pass classes when you miss less than a week of school each semester.

    HJH Attendance Policies & Procedures

    The school day starts at 7:50 AM and ends at 3:35 PM. At 7:45 AM, students will be released from the gym to their classrooms, and morning announcements will start at 7:50 AM. Attendance is taken every period at HJH. Any student arriving late or leaving early will be marked absent for the periods that he/she misses. All absences, full or partial, require documentation to be excused. If a student misses more than 20 minutes of a class without valid documentation, the student will be considered absent for this purpose. Parent notes must be turned in within three (3) days of the absence. Per the HJH handbook, early pick-ups are unexcused unless our nurse sends your student home, or we receive documentation from a doctor's office for that date. Any documentation needing to be turned in can be done through the reception desk or attendance office, or emailed directly to Mrs. Magallanes at emagallanes@hisd.com.


  • If your child is struggling in a class, HJH provides opportunities for them to receive extra support outside the school day. Teachers are available before and after school for tutorials. Even if the day you can bring your child early or pick them up late doesn't match with their teacher, someone in that department can help. Please contact your teacher if you feel your child needs the extra support to be successful this school year.

School Safety Drills

  • In an effort to practice our safety protocols, HJH will regularly perform safety drills to ensure our students and staff know how to respond in a crisis situation. Safety is our number one priority, and we will continue to practice all state-mandated drills throughout the school year so that our students and staff are prepared in the event of an emergency.

No Vaping!

  • House Bill 114 (HB 114) has been enacted to respond to the increasing concerns around e-cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, and THC-related products among our youth. The Bill mandates that any student found in possession of, under the influence of, selling, gifting, or delivering these substances within a 300-feet radius of any school premises, will be immediately removed and placed in a Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP).

    You can access the full version of the Bill here.

    Please take a moment to discuss the implications of this new law with your children, emphasizing the importance of adhering to school policies and laws for their own welfare and for the betterment of the school community as a whole.