• The Hallsville Junior High theater program is an award-winning program that includes Advanced theatre, Intro to theater, and 6th grade theater classes. Advanced theater is a year-long class, while intro and 6th grade theaters are just a semester long.

    Advanced theater classes learn how to put together a show, hone their acting and technical skills, and try new theatrical jobs which they may not have previously considered. They learn how to work with a team and rely on others, as well as learn leadership qualities needed for stage management, and assistant directing. Students get a lot of time on stage and backstage to practice their craft and many go on to have successful high school theater careers!
    Intro and 6th grade theater classes are a great way to test the waters of theater, or just an exciting class to take. We learn acting and technical skills, like building a character, writing a script, designing sets for shows, designing costumes, and most of all, collaboration and public speaking skills which can translate to any future endeavors you may set out for!

    Each year our department puts on a One Act Play which we take to UIL contest, an improv show, and a musical.
    Our One Act Play and our improv show are exclusive to the Advanced theater class.
    However, any students from grades 4-8, regardless of if they are in a theater class or not, are welcome and encouraged to audition for acting or technical elements in our spring musical each year!
    You can email Kbumpas@hisd.com with any questions you may have regarding junior high theater!