• Entering Class and Prompt Arrival

    • Enter in a silent manner, and sit in your assigned seat.
    • If you are NOT in your assigned seat when the tardy bell rings, you WILL be counted TARDY.
    • Once you have entered class, you may not leave without my permission.
    • You are respoinsible to complete the warm-up in a timely manner.
    • Pencil ONLY-No erasable pen


    Clutter and Accident Prevention

    • Make sure that purses, drawstring packs, notebooks, or other personal items are placed out of the aisle.
    • Return classroom materials to proper place.


    Permission to Leaving Class

    • If you need to leave class (locker, restroom, etc.), ask for permission. I will fill out and sign the required pass in your planner. Take a hass pass with you. Return promptly. Students who misuse and abuse this privilege will lose it.
    • You may not ask to leave class 10 minutes after the beginning of class or 10 minutes before the end of class. (TEN-TEN Rule) Only one person will be out of the room at a time.
    • I dismiss class. The bell does not. Do not begin packing up until I have given you permission.
    • Leave class quietly and orderly.


    Classroom Behavior

    • No horseplay at any time in the classroom.
    • Leave the possessions of others alone.
    • No "side-talking" when the teacher is talking.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be acknowledged before speaking.
    • Speak with a purpose.
    • Work cooperatively with peers.
    • Under no circumstance will there be ANY object thrown in the classroom.


    Student Planners

    • Student planners must be brought to class every day.
    • The student planner is used to record daily assignments, projects, and test dates.
    • If lost, you will need to purchase a new planner from the office for a $10 fee.
    • You must have your planner in order to leave class.



    • Students need to come to class prepared for learning.
    • Test dates will be announced in class and through Skyward email. Please be sure to study and complete the review assignment.

    Headings and No Name Papers

    • No name papers will not be graded. If your did not receive a graded assignment back from me, be sure to check with me so you do not have to redo an assignment.
    • Your heading goes in the upper left hand corner of your paper and should have the following information in this order:





    • See the Student Code of Conduct for cell phone and electronic use.
    • You may bring your own earbuds, but these need to be put away before leaving the classroom.
    • Be responsible with technology.


    Gum and Trash

    • Gum is allowed with teacher discrestion. 
    • Trash is to be taken care of at the end of class. Do not get up during class to throw away trash.


    Food and Water

    • Food is NOT allowed, except during designated snack time. 
    • Water only in a clear container, please. It is wise to bring a water bottle and refill it between your classes.



    • Do not write on the tables, desks, walls, or counters (even with an eraser).
    • Do not jump over, climb on, sit/lean-on the backs of the chair part of your desk or the desktops.
    • Do not sit on tables or stand on chairs.


    Classroom Economy

    Students will receive "Math Bucks" during class as an incentive. "Math Bucks" may be spent during the Bobcat Store once a nine weeks or saved until the end of the year.


    • $5 per day for attendance
    • $10 per CoolCat (any teacher)
    • $20 donation of 12 pencils, 2 boxes of Kleenex, large hand sanitizer, etc (once per nine weeks)
    • $5-$20 bonuses at teacher descretion


    • $50 per month for desk rent (regardless of attendance or holidays)
    • $10 planner infractions (any teacher)
    • $10 pencil purchase (student may keep or return for a full refund)
    • $10 additional hall pass (when planner passes are all used up. Only for math class)
    • $10 not having your planner