Junior Honor Society is a student-led organization of 8th graders that has a commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Students in the organization work year round on service projects in the community, for the community, and for the schools in Hallsville ISD. 

    These students are selected at the end of their 7th grade year to serve and lead during their 8th grade year.


    Junior Honor Society Induction Process

    • During the 3rd 9 weeks, a list of 7th graders is compiled of students who have the required grades and have no discipline referrals for the year.
    • Grade requirement for JHS is an average of 85 or higher in all 4 core classes. 
    • These students are sent a letter of eligibility and are required to complete a candidate packet by a posted deadline.
    • The candidate packet includes a rating sheet given to teachers of the students choice pertaining to the students character and leadership in the classroom and other organizations.
    • The JHS selection committee, comprised of 3 teachers appointed by the principal, will meet in April and review the following to determine above-average standards for admission:
    • Candidate Packet
    • Teacher ratings
    • Students who meet standards are invited to the induction ceremony with their families.
    • 10 service hours are due by April, students are required to come to meetings, they are required to maintain the required 85 average in all 4 core classes, and are required to maintain outstanding character.

    Amber Warbington is the sponsor.