• Anime Club is a student led organization wherein fans of Japanese Animation gather one day a week after school (Tuesdays until 5pm) to watch shows together for a shared experience. Lately, we've taken up a student-presentation approach wherein student members prepare presentations on their favorite show to introduce the rest of the club to something they love, and then choose their two favorite episodes to show afterward to get everyone hooked on the show! We are considering themed months (sports anime, high fantasy anime, slice-of-life, shounen, shoujo, etc.) to celebrate the genre with members' favorite entries! 

    We have a CrunchyRoll account, Hulu and Netflix account we use to watch the shows (as well as any DVDs) so we support the show creators through legitimate means.

    Starting fall 2019, we occasionally go to the movies together when new anime releases are out, and have gone to get Ramen in Longview (Saiko Ramen) together. During finals week, on one of the early-release days, exempted students can join me in my room for a watch-party complete with Japanese snacks purchased through club dues and fundraising - we have a great time!

    If you're interested in Anime and want to find other otakus to hang out with, come on by! 


    Sponsor- Hilary Kakanis


    Extension 4040