• Astronomy Club meets every-other Thursday until 5pm to learn about and discuss astronomy topics ranging from constellations and mythology to black holes and cosmology. Topics are chosen weekly by members of the club and are presented the following week either by the club sponsors or by other student members with an interest in the topic. Students of all grade levels are welcome to join. At least twice a year, the club meets with the Astronomy Classes for night-labs to view constellations, the moon, and planets viewable at different times of the year -- when Zeus decides to remove the curse he put upon me and allows us to actually see the stars on the planned nights.


    Every other year, we try to take an overnight trip to Houston to visit Space Center Houston, the George Observatory, and the Houston Museum of Natural Science.


    Sponsors- Hilary Kakanis and Johnny Kelley

    Hilary Kakanis


    Extension- 4040 


    Johnny Kelley


    Extension- 4229