Eligibility & Policies

  • Riding on the bus is a student privilege provided by the District. Students riding District-operated business are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the safety rules and regulations of HISD Student Code of Conduct and those posted in the bus. Student safety violations or misconduct on the bus may result in suspension from riding the bus in addition to any other appropriate discipline.

    Code of Conduct to Riding Buses

    Major Safety Violations and Misconduct
    • Possession of tobacco in any form.
    • Acting or speaking disrespectfully toward the driver or profanity directed at any employee.
    • Insubordination.
    • Throwing, pitching, or shooting articles, which either remain within the bus but causes an injury or which goes out any window.
    • Damaging any part of the school bus (student will be suspended from the bus until damages have been paid).
    • Infractions as determined by campus administrators.


    Minor Safety or Conduct Violations
    • Refusing to sit properly or safely in assigned seat.
    • Moving from seat while bus is in motion.
    • Blocking the aisle in any manner.
    • Eating or drinking on the bus.
    • Deliberately littering the bus.
    • Acting in a manner that distracts the driver while the bus is in motion.
    • Writing on any part of the school bus.
    • Entering or exiting the bus in an unsafe manner.
    • Throwing, pitching, or shooting articles within the bus (without injury).
    • Extending any part of the body, clothing, or other articles out of the window.
    • Using profanity, vulgar language, or obscene gestures toward other students.
    • Harassing, threatening or physically scuffling with another student.
    • Infractions as determined by campus administrators.
    • Cell phones are in use of visable.