Out of District Transfer Process

  • NOTE: In a unanimous decision in the January 16, 2020 regular meeting, the HISD Board of Trustees voted to place a hold on all incoming (new) out of district transfers. We are currently NOT accepting new transfer applications. We are only accepting applications for current transfer students and their siblings.

    1. Parent/Guardian may request an Out of District Transfer Application in one of the following ways:
      • Print an application from our website at www.hisd.com;
      • Call (903)668-5990, ext. 5032 to request an application be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to you; or
      • Pick up an application at the Hallsville ISD Administration Building located at 311 Willow Street, Hallsville, TX.

    2. Parent/Guardian must provide appropriate documentation including
      • Proof of residence in "home" district;
      • the students school records—including report card, attendance and discipline reports;
      • immunization records; and birth certificate.

    3. Beginning with the 2013-2014 school year, an Out of District Transfer Application fee of $50.00 per student; $75 per family with more than one child will be payable at the time of application. The application fee is non-refundable if the student is not accepted or chooses not to enroll. The application fee will be applied to tuition upon acceptance and enrollment of student(s).

    4. Any application not approved at the campus level will be reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools and to make the final decision.

    5. The parent will be notified as soon as a decision is made regarding approval or non-approval of the application.

    6. If the application is approved, the parent may pay tuition online at https://tuition.hisd.com/, bring payment to the Hallsville ISD Administration Building located at 311 Willow Street in Hallsville, or mail the tuition payment to Hallsville ISD, Attn: Gwen Walker, P.O. Box 810, Hallsville, TX 75650. Tuition is $1,000 for the first child in a family, $500 for the second child in a family, and caps at $1,500 per family


    Continuing Transfers
    Transfers are approved for one school year only. All students must re-apply each year. The approval of a transfer does not guarantee future transfer approval for the next school year. The student’s attendance and discipline during the current year will be evaluated prior to approval for the coming school year. In an effort to meet the needs of our current Out of District Transfer students HISD will offer early enrollment and approval for these students. In March, transfer parents will receive a letter with a renewal application form in the mail. If the parent wants to continue the student’s transfer, the following process will be followed:

    1. Communication to the parents of all current transfer students in March.
    2. Parents should complete and return the application form as soon as possible in order to assure a spot for their student(s).
    3. These applications will be processed and parents will be notified of approval prior to the end of the school year.


    Factors Considered in the Approval Process
    Factors considered in approving Out of District Transfer applications include, but are not limited to: building capacity, current program or campus enrollment, growth projections, grade level enrollment, teacher allocation, professional staff allocations, and the student’s behavior and attendance history.


    Students Who Become Non-Residents
    A resident student who becomes a non-resident during the course of a semester shall be permitted to continue in attendance for the remainder of the semester. Prior to the end of the semester, parents may apply for an Out of District Transfer if the student qualifies and space is available. Tuition and application fees will apply. Parents with a contract to build a house will be permitted to transfer into the district on a provisional basis for no more than 90 calendar days from the date of the transfer application. If legal residence is not established within this 90 day period in the form of a tax statement or lease agreement, the student’s transfer shall be revoked. The parent may elect to complete an application for Out of District Transfer for consideration of acceptance by Hallsville ISD. The student must meet all application criteria. Tuition and application fees will apply.


    All UIL rules regarding student eligibility for competition will be followed. Approval of An Out of District Transfer application does not verify the student’s eligibility for competition under UIL rules. Students in athletics who move from one high school to another are ineligible for varsity competition for one year by UIL rules. Students may not transfer for athletic purposes. Students who participate in UIL athletics must verify eligibility through the District Athletic Director. All required paperwork and documentation must be provided in order for the student to be considered for participation in athletics in Hallsville ISD.


    Revoking Transfer
    Transfer students must follow all Hallsville ISD rules and regulations, including but not limited to: District Policies and Regulations; the Student Code of Conduct, and Attendance Requirements. Students who transfer into the district may have their enrollment revoked if the student does not adhere to all policies and regulations or based upon poor attendance, excessive tardiness, or inappropriate student behavior.