• The Hallsville ISD Transportation Department mission is to provide the students of Hallsville Independent School District with the safest transportation possible between school and home and during extracurricular activities.



    School bus drivers hired by the Hallsville ISD Transportation Department must meet the following standards:

    Motor Vehicles Record Check

    A bus driver’s driving record must be acceptable according to the standards developed by the Department of Public Safety and Hallsville ISD. A pre-employment driver license check is required for school bus drivers in Texas. This check covers the driver’s motor vehicle record (accidents, tickets, etc) for the past three years.

    Criminal History Record Check

    All potential employees are subject to a criminal history record check. Criminal history must be acceptable according to standards developed by Hallsville ISD and state law.

    Annual Physical Examination

    “It shall be unlawful for any person to be employed to drive a motor vehicle while in use as a school bus for the transportation of pupils who has not undergone a physical examination which reveals physical and mental capabilities to safely operate a school bus.

    Drug Testing

    Job applicants are required to undergo drug and alcohol testing before they are hired. School bus drivers shall have in their possession a certificate indicating enrollment in or completion of the 20-hour course. Drivers are responsible for renewing their certification every three years by completing an eight-hour refresher course.

    Special Needs Training

    All employees will receive training in special needs transportation. A basic course in student management, route driving, student loading and unloading, and wheelchair securement, as well as, additional specialized training for individual students is offered as needed. All employees are CPR and First-Aid certified. All employees receive Crisis Prevention Institute training.

    Evaluation and Retraining

    The Transportation Department routinely evaluates driver performance and incorporates training into the process. Drivers are observed and given feedback and direction to enhance operational skills. Drivers performing below expected levels are retrained. A driver trainer is assigned to the individual to provide one-to-one interaction and assure improved performance.