• Hallsville Independent School District believes that the focus of the buildings and their maintenance program is to support the education of children at HISD.  Appearance and safety standards are very high so that students learn to take pride in their schools. Hallsville community members view school district facilities with a great deal of pride, and the community has been very supportive of building and maintaining schools.

    The Maintenance Department is responsible for the general upkeep and improvement of district property. This encompasses 6 separate campuses and 4 facilities.

    Maintenance - Staff includes in-house trades comprised of plumbers, carpenters, and HVAC mechanics. Specific jobs, not in these classifications are usually contracted out.

    Grounds - Responsible for all upkeep of land and exterior property. This includes hard surface repair, fencing, landscaping, pest control, and property security. Athletic events which use LISD facilities are prepared and maintained by the grounds department.