Opportunities for Involvement

  • There are a variety of ways you can be involved at the school as a volunteer.  If you have some time that you can actually devote on campuses, there are tons of ways for you to be involved!  A few examples...You can help teachers, librarians, counselors, nurses, the office staff, etc.  You can help out directly with the students by working in the classrooms, listening to kids read, mentoring, tutoring, or becoming a lunch bunch buddy (having lunch with an assigned student at least once a month), etc. 

    If you have some time available, but not on a regular basis, you might want to help with some of the special projects that are listed below.  You might only be able to take a day off to accompany the class on a field trip or attend a class party, but that is super helpful!  If you work full-time, and you cannot come to the school at all, maybe you would like to be an email volunteer.  We send out emails called "HISD News and Needs" to announce things we need help accomplishing.  When everyone pitches in and helps as they can, it makes great things happen around here, and hopefully no one feels overwhelmed!



Special Projects